Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia Unveils The Street Triple 765RS Moto2 Edition (Sold Out) at New Triumph Penang Flagship Store in Juru Autocity, Penang. 

Step into the world of the new generation Street Triple and immerse yourself in its heightened capability and attitude. The Moto2 Edition elevates the RS’s leading power and torque to unprecedented levels, propelling it to new heights. With its distinctive clip-on handlebars and fully adjustable Öhlins forks, this bike guarantees an engaging and focused ride, whether you’re cruising on the road or tearing up the track.

Exemplifying the essence of Moto2TM racing, the 2023 Street Triple 765 Moto2 Edition showcases carbon-fiber bodywork that not only enhances its aerodynamic prowess but also adds a touch of elegance. The bike proudly displays the official Moto2TM branding, serving as a testament to its racing heritage.

The Moto2 Edition’s exclusivity is accentuated by a unique startup screen that greets riders with a rush of anticipation and excitement. Each unit is meticulously numbered on the top yoke, highlighting its limited-edition status and welcoming every owner into an exclusive community of passionate enthusiasts.

Triumph Malaysia is thrilled to inaugurate the 3rd flagship store, Triumph Motorcycles Penang, which promises to be another hub of excitement and adventure.

Here are the specifications of the Street Triple 765RS Moto2 Edition:

  1. Engine: 765cc inline three-cylinder engine
  2. Power: Class-leading power output
  3. Torque: Impressive torque delivery
  4. Suspension: Öhlins fully adjustable forks
  5. Handlebars: Unique clip-on handlebars
  6. Bodywork: Carbon-fiber bodywork for enhanced aerodynamics and sophistication
  7. Branding: Official Moto2TM branding displayed on the bike
  8. Startup Screen: Exclusive startup screen for added anticipation and excitement
  9. Numbering: Individually numbered units on the top yoke for limited-edition status
  10. Riding Modes: Multiple riding modes for customizable performance
  11. Brakes: High-performance braking system
  12. Wheels: Lightweight and durable wheels
  13. Tires: High-performance tires for optimal grip
  14. Instrumentation: Advanced instrumentation with essential information display
  15. Lighting: Full LED lighting system for improved visibility


These specifications are designed to provide an exceptional riding experience and showcase the Moto2TM racing spirit in the Street Triple 765RS Moto2 Edition all 6 units in Malaysia has been booked!!! RM89,999.

Don’t you wish to have that cash in your pocket to get one!!! 

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