I want to share a little story about speeding on Malaysian roads, a friend shared this story just now, there is truth in what he shared,

Weather conditions effects the level of the tyre performance and grip

☆ A friend’s story ☆

A highway engineer and his expertise is on road engineering. So the question was asked was:

Me: Sir, why is the Malaysian highway only max limit 110km/h … why not 150 km/h  or 180 km/h or even 360km/h.?

Road Engineer: The actual speed on Malaysia roads is design for a max speed of 120 km / h … not 110 km/h … but we put 110 km/h to play safe. And +10 km/h tolerance in reserve for any unexpected event to minimize injury if applicable.

The material we use is only capable of full traction at a max speed of 120 km / h … meaning that it has speed over limit…..the tyre and grip of the road maybe on the verge of the limit tolerance … if that limit is reached then it could result in an accident when running over the limit. Serious injury or death may happen. This is due to road material factors and car tyre traction capacity. (This good information to know.) 

Pot holes will appear anywhere, even more after heavy rain

We can design highway to the max speed of 400 km/h … like Sepang Circuit … but tarmac will be at high costs … who is willing to pay expensive toll charger are even up to 20 cents toll a year already asking too much… hahaha… (He laughed!) 

Asphalt mix with rubbers are being tested yield several key benefits over conventional bitumen, such as increased durability, the ability to withstand higher loads, higher heat resistant, provide better grip and is cheaper to maintain in the long run. But initial cost however, is much higher.

Although what we have today is more and more advanced technology from tyre makers and the modern car and bike engines are now able to go to speeds up to 600km/h for cars and over 400km/h or more for bikes…. but standard tyres today even if the high specification or for the race is maxed speed just below 400 km /h …. even for Ferrari or the Ducati that is used nowadays… the road surface will not be able to cater for the tyre limit. 

Pirelli P Zero
Pirelli Supercorsa

That something to think about. Please do shared this article and so don’t speed up! ok …

Science and understanding are for our safety … Thanks for reading.

Road condition changes everyday so please drive and ride safe

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