Introduction of Yamaha Quality Service Center (YQS)
What is YQS?

Enhancing motorcycle performance and providing quality maintenance services are the cornerstones of Yamaha Quality Service centres (YQS), Yamaha Malaysia’s authorized service centres. Focused on three major areas – People, Parts, and Digitalization – YQS service centres offer only the best quality products, Yamaha Genuine Parts (YGP), for the care and optimum performance of your motorcycle.

Why is YQS important for our customers?

As requirements for motorcycle ownership have evolved over the years, after-sales service has become integral to purchasing decisions. Therefore, authorised service centres that provide easy access, consistent and quality service with genuine parts are crucial to guarantee customers’ peace of mind.

About Yamaha Genuine Parts (YGP) Why YGP?
Yamaha values the safety and enjoyment of your machine. With YGP, Yamaha contributes to those two factors with the perfect fit, ultimate quality, and durability from proven safety standards after sensory evaluation and testing made by highly experienced rider. Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM)’s
manufacturing processes adhere to standards such as the ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System, the ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and the E52 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulations Certificate. Using YGP also allows users to enjoy better resale values on their Yamaha motorcycles as it complies with warranty requirements.

What are the risks of using counterfeit spare parts in Yamaha motorcycles?
• Compromised quality and performance: Counterfeit products are commonly produced with substandard materials and manufacturing processes. It may compromise the safety, reliability, and performance of your motorcycle. More importantly, it may damage your motorcycle.
• Higher maintenance costs: As counterfeit products are inferior in quality to YGP, they can wear out faster, resulting in frequent breakdowns, an increased need for replacements and damage to your motorcycle. 

• Losing warranty and insurance coverage: Yamaha provides warranty coverage for genuine parts.

Insurance providers typically provide coverage for genuine parts too. You may risk losing financial protection by using counterfeit parts on your motorcycle.
How is Hong Leong Yamaha Motor combating counterfeit products in the market?
With the increased demand for genuine lubricants in the marketplace, HLYM has extended its value proposition by incorporating a QR code on Yamalube lubricant products and spare parts that are delivered to the market. Customers can verify the authenticity of the lubricant by scanning the QR code on the
bottle. In future, the QR code will also be available on all our service item, plastic items, engine parts as well as Electrical parts. The QR code scanner can be found in the Yamaha Motor and GEN BLU Rewards applications. Awareness materials have also been displayed in Yamaha’s dealers’ network to educate
customers on differentiating counterfeit products.
Where to find YGP?
Yamaha Genuine Parts can be found in all Yamaha authorized dealers, YQS, YGP stores and Yamaha authorized stockist nationwide. About 160 YQS have been opened nationwide. 

GEN BLU Rewards
Digitalization has become a business fundamental since the Covid-19 pandemic shifted certain consumer trends. GEN BLU Rewards mobile app is a program introduced in October 2022 to reward and provide more value to our customers.
New Yamaha Motorcycle owners that register with the app can receive 2 *Free Digital Service Coupons, as well as collecting GEN BLU rewards points from our authorized dealers during routine motorcycle service, repairs and purchasing Yamaha merchandise. Points collected can be used to redeem exclusive
merchandise and experience from Yamaha.
*Free Digital Service Coupons are only available for members who own a Yamaha Motorcycle registered with the Road Transport
Department (JPJ) from 1-Oct-2022 onwards. Each coupon is only valid for 6 months from motorcycle’s registration date.
Choosing Yamaha Genuine Parts is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of Yamaha motorcycles. While YGP may look the same as counterfeit products at first glance, Yamaha’s genuine parts are finely tuned to maximize the potential and enhance the excellent balancing characteristics of each model according to riding environments and conditions.
Look out for our Yamaha Day Annual Celebration, which will be conducted in YQS centres nationwide on the 1st of July 2023. During the one-day event, there will be special YGP combo sales at fixed prices, as well as exciting customer activities

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