The Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro was launched today by Fast Bikes Sdn Bhd at KLGCC, Kuala Lumpur. Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia / Fast Bikes Sdn Bhd (the official Triumph distributor in Malaysia) has launched the brand new 2022 Tiger 1200 GT Pro and 1200 GT Explore today in addition Tiger Sport 660. The 2022 Tiger 1200 is the most advanced and lightest Tiger models today ever. The all-new range is the latest addition to a legendary bloodline that began 85 years ago and has been purpose-built to handle the ultimate in on- road adventures and off-road challenges, with every single new technological innovation, engine enhancement, premium specification, and style update designed specifically to help deliver a perfect ride and we got to test ride the most versitile Tiger todate!

Although I have tested many Sport Adventure bikes over the past 10 years, there is still a little fear factor for small size and short riders like me, is the weight and height of the Adventure bike which i am testing. Yes! It’s true that I have a little fear when the adventure bike is stationary or at a traffic light and parking, handling a 250-280kg Adventure motorcycle does strike a fear. 

But today I totally erase this fear with the GT Pro. The Test bike i got had a seat height of 825mm and just by dropping the standard seat height of 875mm really took my confidence level to the next level. Once on the move, the weight and height are not a problem for me. Reverse parking also is easy! 

With the 25kg weight reduction too from the predecessor model, and 17kg lighter makes the Tiger 1200 pretty agile and nimble too, taking sharp and high-speed corners with ease during the test ride.  

Powered by a new generation of T-plane triple engine, its lightweight chassis and advanced technology is entirely focused on delivering the most agile and capable heavyweight adventure motorcycle money can buy. 

Making a significant contribution to the transformation in weight, performance and handling capability, the Tiger’s new frame is 5.4kg lighter than the previous design, and features a bolt-on aluminium rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers. Additional weight savings comes from the new aluminium fuel tank and all-new tri-link swing arm, which is 1.5kg lighter and stronger than the previous single-sided set-up, and incorporates a smaller and lighter shaft drive and bevel box.

Powered by a new 1160cc Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder engine, the Tiger 1200 offers a major step up in performance with 150PS peak power at 9,000rpm, 9PS more on the previous generation, making it the most powerful shaft driven motorcycle in the class. Torque is also significantly higher than the previous generation, with 130Nm of peak torque at 7,000rpm, 8Nm up on the previous engine.

The GT Pro is priced at RM115,900.00 (excluding road tax and insurance)

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