Got a call this morning from Mr Lam A-I Chong from Mobilube Moto (M) Sdn Bhd, to go to Kapar, Klang which was about 60km distance away, from my place in PJ. Being now we are on MCO 3.0, we could only travel around a 10km radius. But the call was to come and get an engine oil (EO) change. So my 6 year old MT-09 (I named it, “Hoonigan”) which has more than 130k km, mileage and needed an EO change badly(previous oil change clocked around 3k mileage), so I decide let’s go do it!

Hiap Aik Star Motorsports Sdn Bhd

So my ride back to PJ was about 60km distance, totally change from the moment I started the engine right after the engine oil change. The throttle rev felt lighter, engine knocking sound seems softer! (really true ya I’m not lying!) after riding on the main roads of Kapar town, many gear up shift and down shifting through many traffic lights, I reached the highway, so while the engine viscosity seems to settle in, I decide to open my throttle full as I soon as I hit the highway, and what did I know, my “Hoonigan” seems to come alive again! My MT09 which struggle to go pass 180km/h, now could easily and really quickly go to 200km/h. (sorry I cant show any screen shot) but I couldn’t believe it either, easily hit 200km/h and still could go further to my top speed of 255km/h (ECU reflashed) but I didn’t try. After pass in the Bukit Raja Toll (which was manned by Police, I tried again this time, hitting speed of 210km/h with ease. I was really smiling in my helmet, that my “Hoonigan” could get that speed with ease and never felt any engine vibration! Even when I roll off the throttle and roll on again in sixth gear, the 6 year old Master of Torque felt like it just came out of the showroom. I even enjoyed riding in the rain for another 5-10km and to pick up my favourite Chef Halim Kari Kambing at Old Klang Road. So a total of 70km/h ride back home with a revitalise Mobil 1 15W/50 engine oil change could do. Now I can’t wait to get back on the saddle with “Hoonigan”. (I actually neglected “Hoon” cos I just got a “Baby” CBR250RR and was in break-in engine mode)


My MT09 engine has been sluggish and struggle get to 180km/h, gear shifting was also sluggish and gear changing is loud, maybe cos Hoonigan has been idle in my Garage for a long time(just a few days ago I rode out to Setia Alam to collect some bike parts), and engine vibration was also very high. (I measure engine vibration with my feet, if the engine vibration makes the toe of my feet like numb and handlebar vibrations gives my right hand feel like getting an arm pump when I ride out long distances) When I reach Hiap Aik Star Motorsports Sdn Bhd, the engine was really hot so I chilled out and waited, the mechanic took out 10W/40 Mobil 1 engine oil, but I insisted on 15W/50 viscosity, which I recommend this viscosity grade to all Yamaha MT09. Why because the “50” grade oil has higher viscosity at 100 degrees C than 40 grade oil. … So the 15W-50 oil is “thicker” at cold temperatures than the 10W-40, therefore it will flow worse on start up; but being a little “thicker” it maintains its viscosity at high temperatures better than the 10W-40.

give Mobil 1 Super Moto Lubricants a try. You won’t regret it

So did I mention the gear up/down shifting was ButterCup smooth now? So anyone with an MT-09 or any “bigbike” looking to change engine oil, I highly recommend to give Mobil 1 Super Moto Lubricants a try. You won’t regret it, I assure you! Cheers till next 500km mileage review! 



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