Using the wrong viscosity may result in a drop performance of your high powered motorcycle. While in European countries the recommended engine will defer from Asian countries. For example the recommended viscosity engine oil for Aprilia RS 660 is SAE 10W-50 API SL for Europe, but for Asian country like Malaysia, a lot of people will recommend to use 10W30 or 10W40 in Malaysia as the average temperatures in the country is usually around 28-30°C. We did try out the made in Germany Voltronic 10W/40 on our Italian made Aprilia RS660 and the result was quick start in the morning was easy but other than that shift in 1st gear a louder sound when engaging into 1st, quick shifting to 2-3 was lumpy and after 50km of riding we felt the performance has significantly drop.

Previously before the change to Voltronic 10W/40, we had our 1st engine oil change to Voltronic’s XM Kinematic Viscosity which was a racing grade engine oil for our Aprilia Trackday in mid January GranTurismo Viscosity Stabilizer that stayed in grades coverage SAE 5W40 to SAE 20W50, that was a perfect lubricant. But after a trackday, It was recommended to change the engine oil so we did.

With the 10W/40 we rode around the city and few short ride to the twisty, give or take 1500km, the valve sound became louder as we put on more mileage on our RS660. So we decided to change back to 15W/50 grade. This time we changed back to our normal Mobil 1 fully syntactic (our MT09 is also using the 15W/50) immediately the 100hp RS660 is back! Just like our 6 year old MT09 is revitalize by the Mobil 1.

Hiap Aik Star Motorsports Sdn Bhd

As usual, the engine oil change we had to go down to Hiap Aik Star Motorsport in Kapar, Klang, the ride back which take around 30+/- km, the fun factor of the RS660 is back. The valve sound is quieter compare to the previous 10W/40 grade, quick shifting was back to buttersmooth, engaging into 1st gear at the traffic light is dampen almost silent and pumping the throttle in 5-6 gear you will the get the engine feeling like a mild booster easily to 200km/h.  

give Mobil 1 Super Moto Lubricants a try. You won’t regret it

So did I mention the gear up/down shifting was ButterCup smooth now? So anyone with an MT-09 or any “bigbike” looking to change engine oil, I highly recommend to give Mobil 1 Super Moto Lubricants a try. You won’t regret it, I assure you! Cheers till next 500km mileage review! 


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