Didi Group, the sole distributor for Aprilia bikes in Malaysia, launched the new Aprilia SR GT and Aprilia Tuareg 660. The long-awaited Aprilia SR GT is here in Malaysia and finally, a vehicle to get around every day with more energy and fun. With the Aprilia Tuareg 660 that based on Aprilia 660 technology, the new Tuareg sees a legendary name in off-road riding return in style. 

Recognizable at a glance with its 100% gritty Aprilia look. Protective and functional, with a riding position that allows for perfect mastery of the road, SR GT is powered by 200 version, powered by modern i-get engines of 174 cc. Mr Rewi Ahmid Bugo, Chairman of Didi Group said “Aprilia SR GT is the first “urban adventure” scooter by Aprilia, designed to re-inject the fun into everyday riding in the city, but also over long distances and less travelled paths, thanks to equipment inspired by the enduro world that makes it the ideal companion in every situation. 

Born for exploring, Tuareg 660 is designed to withstand the toughest off-road riding while guaranteeing touring comfort and riding pleasure. Mr Rewi continued “It is Aprilia’s response to the new generation’s demand for easy and fun vehicles capable of being just as thrilling on the daily commute as they are on dynamic rides. The result is a range of medium-engine bikes that introduce a new conception of sportiness, in line with the expectations of a younger and more knowledgeable market that, dedicated to street sport riding, this is a true off-road bike. 

Aprilia Tuareg 660 represents the 660 platform and the start of a new era for Aprilia. One defined by lightweight and high-performance motorcycles with an attractive design and unique, unequivocally premium technological content. Following on the heels of the highly popular RS 660 and Tuono 660. Tuareg, bears a name that was introduced by Aprilia in 1985, which subsequently became legendary — a name so evocative it’s clear what the bike is all about.

With such a significant history, the Tuareg name expresses a unique set of values: a guarantee of riding quality, performance and fun. Tuareg 660, an off-road bike par excellence, is also exceptional on the road and on even the longest and most adventurous trips.

It was designed to acoompany those secking freedom = a core value in the culture of the Tuareg people, who identify with the name “imohag”, meaning “free men”. Granting the gift of freedom is Tuareg’s real mission.

Developed on the extraordinary mechanical base of the Aprilia 660 twin-cylinder, from the very first sketches it was designed to be mounted in a chassis architecture with a different intended use. Tuareg 6600 was designed, developed and built to be the best combination of single-cylinder enduro bikes and medium-engine capacity adventure bikes. Two opposing worlds – until now. Tuareg 660 raises the bar for off-road adventure bike riding. But at the same time, it places its supreme travellmg spartt centre stage thanks to its impeccable performance on asphalt, its premium technical content, the performance of its 80 HP twin-cylinder and its reduced weight of just 187 kg without funds.

Introduced first on the global stage of EICMA 2021, the Aprilia SR GT is a compact GT scooter designed tw re-inject the fun into everyday riding in the city, but also over long distances and less travelled paths, thanks to equipment inspired by the enduro world that makes it the ideal companion ™ every situation.

Wirth the Apnilia SR GT, an active riding position and motorcycle-inspired wide, naked handlebars offer ultimate control, while long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance ensure any obstacle ts easily surmounted when riding in the city. And the tyres, with their generous crosssection and “all terrain” tread design, allow the rider to adventure on any surface, from asphalt to cobblestones and white roads.

All of this is combined with the unmistakeable Aprilia sports design, the latest i-get engines complete with Start & Stop system for top-class performance, and comprehensive equipment that includes full LED lights, LCD instrumentation and the APRILIA MIA connectivity system (optional)

The introduction selling price for Aprilia SR-GT 200 is RM19,900 and Aprilia SR GT 200 (Sport)s is RM 20,900 whereas the Aprilia Tuareg introduction selling price is RM 75,900. 

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