Almost every Malaysian owns a Car, hence, Car maintenance issues has become a concern for every car owner. AUTONEST APP is a must-have app for all car drivers! Why we say so is because AUTONEST APP has all the Car Services all in One App. If your car needs service, just open up the app and find the nearest workshop and check what promo they offer.  You can make advance appointment too. Save time and money as the AUTONEST Service Packages are to cheapest in town! You gotta LOGIN and EXPERIENCE the AUTONEST APP before you decide to service your car.

Vehicle maintenance can be a daunting task to keep track of. It’s difficult to remember to schedule things like oil changes and brake jobs with so many other things going on in your life. AUTONEST APP, “The Best Car Service & Maintenance Platform” will help you keep track of your vehicle with regular maintenance reminders, service records, fuel-price tracking and much more. AUTONEST has so much benefits and values, you will sure love it!

AUTONEST APP will benefit both car owners and all car-related service businesses.

AUTONEST is a all in ONE Platform for CAR OWNERS to benefit from every car-related services & maintenances, we even have a long list of car audio and accessories providers in Malaysia via this app.


With just a swipe, you are connected to a multitude of workshops that are certified by us.

  1. Service & Workshops
  2. Car Spray Painting Services
  3. Car Tinting Services
  4. Car Number Plate Maker
  5. Car Audio Specialist
  6. 4 x 4 and Pick-up Accessories
  7. Car Accessories
  8. Car Baby Seat
  9. Car Remote & Key Services
  10. Car Exhaust Services
  11. Used Car
  12. Car Towing Services
  13. Tyre Services
  14. Car Detailing & Beatification Services
  15. Dr Cermin / Car Windscreen
  16. Car Air Cond Services
  17. Car Rental Services
  18. Driving Schools
  19. Car Wash
  20. Car Cushion Services / Leather SeatsAPP

In this post Covid19, digital age, digitally savvy consumers are able to research product prices to ensure they get their money’s worth. 

As any car owner will tell you, servicing and maintaining a vehicle is rarely a pleasant experience. Spending at least upwards of an hour at a workshop is nobody’s idea of fun, especially if you have things to do and places to be. You also have the hassle of having to haggle for the best price, and if you’re not well-versed in your knowledge of cars, unscrupulous mechanics may also take advantage of you to make a quick buck.

Now, you can say goodbye to all of that. Autonest, is an All-in One Car & Maintenance Service Solution Provider, is designed to make car maintenance easy, convenient, affordable and transparent. With Autonest App, you can get your car service schedule, serviced or get your tinting appointment done right from the Autonest App! Easy and Great Convenience! As almost every Malaysian owns a car, hence, car maintenance issues have become a concern for every car owner.


Need your car serviced quickly? Just get the service package you need and book your appointment with our Panel Workshop and within just 45 minutes from start to finish. Panel Workshop will provide 18 point check, lubricant change, radiator top-up, brake pads & brake fluid check so you will have a peace of mind and can be back on the road in no time. There are Six Packages available depending if your car requires mineral, semi-synthetic or fully-synthetic engine oil, and best of all, they come in 3 CYCLE OF SERVICE starting from RM275.

All Autonest’s 3 Cycle Service Packages include 3 x 4 litre engine oil, filter and Free Coolant, Automatic Transmission Oil and Brake Fluid and labour for peace of mind.

Our Panel Workshop & Service will also check your battery and tyre services, air-conditioning repair and maintenance, brake pad replacements & repair and maintenance, engine cooling system maintenance and replacement, electrical diagnosis and even body and paint repairs.

So don’t worry about getting any surprise unapproved charges – all quotations will need to be approved by you before Autonest Panel Workshops before you proceed with any service or maintenance on your car.



To further benefit AUTONEST members, all panel workshops will give an extra 10% discount to members who purchase the SINOPEC engine oil package.


An additional 5% discount on your insurance premium if you renew your insurance premium with our partners.

Hurry up join AUTONEST now! REGISTER now!   

This is the key reason why AUTONEST is a popular App!

For more info please visit : or install AUTONEST APP at Google Play Store or Apple App Store

In a simple summary, AUTONEST is your FOOD PANDA for your automotive. Autonest can solve all your Auto Maintenance or point you to the right Car Services you are looking for! Quickly, easy and convenient.

So what are you waiting for? Register as a member, Install and Login to Autonest App and book an appointment to service your car today! You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices here, or follow the link to register:

AUTONEST is currently servicing whole peninsular Malaysia.

For more information on AUTONEST, please visit the official website to find out more about the AUTONEST service packages and campaigns.

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