Earlier, CFMoto released a picture of a concept bike, and most of the Chinese Media were speculating that it was the new 250SR. But CFMoto unexpectedly unveiled a new concept bike code-named SR-C21 in a track event in China.

New design, new engine and new frame. It is reported that C stands for CONCEPT, and 21 is the abbreviation for 2021. Time will tell as we get more official info.  But rumoured to be a 400cc.   

But what is certain is that, SR-C21 make use of a new two-cylinder engine and beautiful design. What we think is the displacement is at least 400cc or more. Earlier, it was rumoured that CFMoto was developing a 450cc engine, probably this one.

Introducing the fixed-wing wing design. It can be seen from the concept on Youtube the design of SR-C21 is very futuristic with added elements of Italian/European design, best looking mid size bike coming out from China.

Whether it is a competitive in performance, sure thing is its design, featuring a single swingarm, makes the SR-C21 looking good at first glance.

Let’s talk about the configuration of the SR-21 concept with inverted fork and radical Brembo monoblock. As for mass production, it may take some time, but sure will cause a stir at EiCMA which we believe CFMoto will be displaying.

Chinese motorcycle companies has been label copycat and imitating other brands but with this design we are sure that Chinese companies will command a bigger share from its competitors in the near future.

The appearance of CFMoto SR-C21 indeed cause a sensation in the motorcycle market with its R&D for mid-displacement category. Recently CFMoto announce its entry to 2022 Moto3 on a rebranded (KTM) Gas Gas machine.

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