Referring to a widely circulated screenshot on social media, there was never released a statement that ‘motorcyclists greater than 500cc are allowed to make convoys’, referring to the relaxation of the Movement Control Order (CPP) Phase 4. The disclaimer was made after the deployment of the picture, by irresponsible parties, which has caused public confusion.

In the image, the text of the deliberately modified text reads: “CPP Phase 4: Power motors exceeding 500cc are allowed to make convoys. This relaxation is for the easy rider category only. (in Bahasa Malaysia)

The edited text was shared with an image taken from the press conference of the Right Minister (Security), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri, which was broadcast live at Astro Awani on Wednesday.

As such, we are asking the public not to be fooled by the spread of fake news and calling for news through legitimate channels and sources.

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