Didi Resources Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of the Vespa brand in Malaysia, launched two sporty and stylish scooters from the 2020 model range, into Malaysian market; introducing the Vespa Primavera S Special Edition 150 and Vespa Sprint S 150.  

Forged from the Vespa sport DNA, the new Vespa 2020 model’s line-up has upgraded aesthetics and is perfect for active and trendy Malaysian urbanites.

Vespa Sprint S 150

The youngest and sportiest. Vespa Sprint S further accentuates Vespa Sprint’s sporty styling and is designed to be ridden by those who have the most competitive attitude among Vespa lovers.

To highlight the Vespa Sprint S strong mentality and its endless aim to be the winner in all competitions, 3 striking new color combinations were designed: Yellow Sole, Black Opaco and White Innocenza, sided by the best-seller Grey Materia.

Sprint S keeps its signature details such as red horn cover, sporty decals on the body side and red spring. The seat of the Vespa Sprint S 2020 has been further renewed and is unique to this model to create an all-round sporty elegance look.

The Vespa Sprint S 150 is designed to be the sportest Vespa Sprint. Donning an entire steel body, the Vespa Sprint S 150 is the first of its class to mount two 12” rims and aimed at the adventurous Malaysian with desire for their daily commute to be enjoyable and fun.

The Vespa Sprint S 150 is also driven by the 150cc environmental-friendly one-cylinder four-stroke i-Get engine and barometric sensor to ensure optimum riding pleasure, steadiness and reliability while manoeuvring through the congested city roads. 

Characterised by the sporty stickers and details in glossy red, the Vespa Sprint S 150 comes in Yellow Sole, Grey Materia and White Innocenza, and is priced from RM16,900.

Vespa Primavera S Special Edition 150

The Special Edition takes form with of the Primavera S that shows more sporty and brave characteristics, hence the tagline, “Live with More Zest”.

This Vespa is strongly characterised by the dark grey shield edge, crest, rims, tie, rear and front light frames. More charm is further added by the sporty stickers contrasting with the colour of the body: dark/light grey on the Orange Tramonto and orange/grey on Grey Stile. The boldness of the vehicle is stressed by refined statement-making specifics, as the black saddle with orange stitching and the orange horn cover.

The Vespa Primavera S Special Edition is equipped with 12”-wheel rims, made of aluminum alloy and with a five-spoke design. This provides greater stability, improved safety and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions. LED front and rear lamps, together with LED daytime running light, anti-theft system (Immobilizer) and ABS front disc brake compose the safety equipment of this amazing product.

As the Primavera S range, this version is equipped with a USB charging port that enhances convenience for users who are in a need of charging for phone, tablet and small electronic devices.

The new Primavera S is driven by modern one-cylinder four-stroke 150 cc iGet engines air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. The engines are absolutely environmentally-friendly and perform at the top of their category, with extremely low fuel consumption. 

The Vespa Primavera S Special Edition 150 is now available from RM18,300 with a dedicated stunning colour range; Orange Tramonto (Glossy) and Grey Stile (Matt).

The new 2020 Vespa Models are now available at all authorised Vespa dealerships and outlets nationwide.

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