Going back to the 60s, the legendary era of racing with the “Vespa Racing Sixties”, a model inspired by 60’s racing cars to classic sports designs that are ready for you to experience. From the legend of the 60s competition, passed the inspiration to the “Vespa Racing Sixty” design with 2 special editions, the “Vespa Sprint 150 I-Get ABS Racing Sixties” and Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE Racing Sixties.

With a sporty character that still retains the classic aura Through graphic designs on both models, yellow and gold graphic on metallic green (Green Racing Six) and red and gold on white. (White racing sixties colors)

Complete the sporty look with a design that is ready to catch every eye with the black exterior trim around the car at the front-back frame, rearview mirror, eyebrow, front of the car body. Exhaust covers, footrests and passenger grips, as well as sports seats that are also designed to be sporty

But hidden with classic flair with the use of nubuck leather material, outstanding with metallic gold alloy wheels Conveys the aura of a classic sports car as well And also Vespa for the first time making gold alloys as well.

Vespa Sprint 150 i-Get ABS Racing Sixtie, ready to meet those who like to enjoy life in the city. And want the smooth driving that comes with

  • I-Get engine (I-Get) 150 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, 3-valve

that helps save fuel and reduce engine noise

  • Electronic injection system
  • The 154.8 cc capacity provides a maximum power of 9.5 kilowatts at 8,000 rev/min with torque at 12.5 mils at 6,750 rev/min, the highest when compared with the same size engine.
  • Cooling system with a rotary ventilation fan
  • Automatic transmission system CVT
  • Single-arm hydraulic front shock absorbers work in two directions, and the rear single-hydraulic shock absorbers can adjust the weight level by 4 levels.
  • Confidence in every journey with front disc brakes, ABS and rear drum brakes.

the Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE Racing Sixties, ready to meet all life in the city and out of town. With a new HPE engine that is developed to increase efficiency and efficiency, enjoy smoother driving and save fuel. It is also outstanding.


  • 300 cc Piaggio HPE (High Performance Engine) single-cylinder (Single-Cylinder) 4-stroke
  • Electronic injection system
  • The capacity of 3 cc provides a maximum power of 17 kilowatts at 8,500 rev / min and maximum torque of 25.5 milts at 5,500 rev / min.
  • Water cooling system
  • Automatic Transmission with CVT with Torque Server
  • Single hydraulic front shock absorber Work in two directions and

Double hydraulic rear shock absorber Can adjust the support level to 4 levels

  • 2-channel ABS brakes with front and rear disc brakes With ABS hydraulic control system
  • Anti-Slip Regulation ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation)
  • Immobilizer starting system (Immobilizer)
  • Vehicle tilt detection system to prevent accidents (Tilt Censor)
  • Bike find feature
  • Multi-function digital control panel
  • Start & Stop system
  • USB charging cable connector

Meanwhile, you can catch the Vespa Sixties Racing truck at all Vespa nationwide dealers starting at The Gasket Alley from 11th July onwards. Vespa fans can also test ride the new Vespa Sixties Racing. The following weekend Vespa Sixties Racing will be making an appearance at Gear-Up is Senanglah! Bikers Bazaar, Geo Resort & Hotel Genting Permai on the 18-19 July 2020.

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