Mid-size sub 650-750cc has been always been a fun category for us to review, these bikes are aimed at the new comers who are just starting their journey into bigger and more powerful bikes.

Here this week we got our hand-on the 2021 Suzuki GSX-R750Z, we named it Suzie Wong, cos she has the curves, sexy but smooth! Well! let’s get a deeper insight in the World of Suzie Wong, she is a 749cc in-line, four-cylinder engine and claimed to have an output of 112.65 HP (82.2 kW)) @ 10500 RPM ( we still researching this) and a 8 1Nm of torque @ 9,000 RPM. Our first impression as we rode out from Suzuki Malaysia was the silky smoothness of the 749cc engine at lower rpm, but don’t let this the smoothness, let you think, this tis Suzie is a mildly motorcycle. When the traffic lights turn green, she zooms to 140km/h in a blink of an eye! The GSX-R750Z is not mild in lower RPM if you crack the throttle. The 749cc engine here wins my heart with the silky smoothness at low RPM that delivers what I wanted at low RPM! Bustling through the traffic was a breeze. The kerb weight 213kg instantly vanish the moment you crack the throttle!

Suzuki tuned the engine to make it more manageable and better suited towards everyday riding rather than outright performance, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the GSX-S750Z is a gentle soul. Because it isn’t. It offers serious power and performance in a compact, agile, but versatile chassis.

Suzi Wong comes with Suzuki Advanced Traction Control, this lets the rider select traction sensitivity to match road conditions. Changes can be made on the fly on the left Mode button, so a rider like me can adapt the power delivery to changing conditions.

No ride modes but GSX-R750Z does offer Suzuki’s Advanced Traction Control System lets the GSX-S750Z rider control the throttle with more confidence in various riding conditions. As a result, the rider can enjoy sport riding with less anxiety. There are four traction control modes (1, 2, 3, and OFF) that the rider can easily adjust at rest or on the fly via a handlebar-mounted control. The difference between the modes are their sensitivity to road conditions.

I ride with – Mode 1 which is the lowest sensitivity mode – most suitable for my riding character. Aimed at good road surface grip (sport riding on good, smooth roads). (full tested this mode Gotong Jaya to SS2 in 25min)

Got the bike in – Mode 2 is a moderate sensitivity level – suitable for most riders or in conditions that have varied road surface grip (city riding, regular road conditions) (Probably the previous Media was just riding around town)

Didn’t ride at all – Mode 3 which is the highest sensitivity mode – suitable for road conditions where the grip may be limited (wet or cold surfaces). (No rain at all during the test period, never tried this mode)

I would prefer to – OFF, disengages all traction control features.

The chassis integrates a tubular girder streetbike frame and a twin-spar sportbike frame, and is fitted with Inverted, gold-anodized KYB fork that features a spring preload adjustment and a mono KYB suspension at the rear to provide precise handling. I could be bother to tweek the front suspension so I rode it around corners with a slight rebound before I turn in the corner, but just mild and manageable bounce. For better front setting I would have hardern the front, if had Suzie for a long period.

Riding a Suzuki a rider need to trail brake most of the time and the radial-mounted Nissin Monobloc, four-piston brake callipers upfront grasp twin, wave-style brake rotors to deliver strong and consistent braking performance.

Verdict: Sort of head turner, nice exhaust tune, basically a good all-round City/Street naked bike to ride in the city and short run to twisty B road. Super silky smooth acceleration at low rpm.  

Dislike: Top speed takes forever to reach 200km/h.

The Suzuki GSX-S750Z 2021 price in the Malaysia starts from RM40,989.00. it is available in 3 colors, 2 variants in the Malaysia

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