First Ride: Kawasaki Z250SL

_MG_5095 (Custom)

Those looking for an affordable motorcycle that is super zippy and super lightweight naked 250cc street bike will have much to cheer, in the form of Kawasaki Z250SL.

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This is the latest addition to the Z series comes in the form of a naked 250cc single-cylinder motorcycle that enthusiasts here have been waiting for months.

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i-Moto Media test rode Z250SL for a whole month and we were amazed with the zippiness and the agility of this lightweight naked bike, even ladies as well as other smaller built riders will appreciate the offering that comes in the form of a slim, lightweight and compact motorcycle, which makes it highly-suited for urban commuting or as a highly-maneuverable track machine.

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The four-valve DOHC engine is fuel-injected to optimize combustion efficiency, and is liquid-cooled (with fan kicking in when required) even when the key is switch off the fan still runs to cool down the Zippy250SL, like a turbo timer on a turbo car.

_MG_5044 (Custom)

This new liquid-cooled, fuel-injected powerplant produces a claimed 27 hp at 9,700 rpm and 17 pound-feet of torque at 8,200. The quick revving engine delivers a healthy dose of both power and torque, and when it comes to the latter, it’s 22.6Nm arrives at 8,200rpm – 1,800rpm ealier than the Z250’s 21Nm @ 10,000 rpm.

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The chassis has a trellis-style frame with a 37mm fork and a single Uni-Trak shock, while a 290mm front and 220mm rear disc are clamped by twin-piston calipers. Standard Dunlop TT900 seventeen-inch wheels are shod with a 110/80 front tire and a 130/70 rear. Very agile around corners, and weekend warrior will be very happy going through twisty corners on hilly roads or even on go-cart tracks.

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For tracks like Sepang International Circuit (SIC) its preferably chosing its full faring cousin, the Ninja 250SL for these kind of circuit.

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The Z250SL promises of robust mid-range torque as well as a healthy dose of top end power speed of 169km/h.

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The promise of maneuverability is also given by the 148kg dry weight, which is 20kg less than its twin-cylinder Z250.




The Z250SL is available in black or orange and is priced at RM15,739 (nett) from any authorized Kawasaki Dealer. You can locate a Kawasaki dealer in i-Moto’s own dealer directory.

LCD meter a fresh look!
DSC_0004 (Custom)
Handle bar for comfortable city riding position
DSC_0008 (Custom)
Red Trellis frame on black colour model

DSC_0002 (Custom) DSC_0003 (Custom) DSC_0006 (Custom)




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