Recently at Y.S.Chong Customer Trackday, we had a chance to tracktest the all new Yamaha MT25, what can we say from the start, the Yamaha MT25 is a fun motorbike! This motorbike that can be used anytime, anywhere, and wherever you want! Okay, this is an exclusive review, so please take some snacks.

This Yamaha MT25 is a special unit owned by Y.S.Chong boss, Mr Jimmy Chong although its stock, it been fitted with Bridgestone tyres Battlax S22. The MT25 was just registered a day before the trackday so it has less than 50km on the trot. We were the first to take it to the tracks, but with 2 warm up laps, we came back in the paddock to set the tyre pressure right 30 front and rear 28, then off we went again out to the track.  As Elite track is well know for its bumpiness and fading asphalt… the MT25 took the bumpiness with a calmness. The inverted front forks had no problem absorbing the bumps at the turn 3 high-speed whereby the bumps are most felt. Diving in to T4 where the 1st of U turn corner hard braking on the nimble MT25, is pretty responsive. If you time it right with your throttle control, you may also hardly use the brakes, while you can have a smother exit to turn 5 and 6. 

As it was a trackday for YS Chong customer, there was also few newbies on bigger cc (MT09 and R25), which we pass them with ease. The MT25 felt planted at the front, while the front forks does give much feedback to the rider. No chattering at the front while the naked bike riding position (more upright riding position) does play its part. The Bridgestone tyre work pretty well too, we were scraping the footpeg nipple left and right. Yamaha gave the MT25 a torquey feel that its sibling R25 (MT25 base is from R25) Most notable difference is the front part which is the Master of Torque headlamp and huge tank derived from its MT09/MT10 sibling. Since it was a new bike we didn’t max the revs and throttle but we did ensure the throttle to be as smooth as butter during the test. We accumulated about 20 laps in the 1.1km go kart circuit. Actually I hardly use the ABS brakes but rather use it to trail brake at turn one. Rest of the 8 other corners is more to gear changing and utilising the engine braking.      

The Yamaha MT25 in a nutshell is a street fighter naked version of Yamaha’s more sport focussed R25.

Engine – 249cc, 2 cylinder, DOHC

Gearing – 6 speed

Power – 26.5Kw @ 12,000rpm

Torque – 23.6Nm @ 10,000rpm

Engine Oil – 2.4 litres

Fuel tank capacity – 14 litres

Dimensions – 2090mm x 755mm x 1071mm

Weight – 165kgs

Clearance – 160mm

Seat height – 780mm

Suspension – Front – inverted telescopic forks

Rear – Mono shock

Breaking – single disc front and single disc at the rear

Yamaha Blue

The new Master of Torque uses Inverted Front Forks that not only provides sure cornering performance but also supports an agile and comfortable riding style while it’s predator-type dual slant LED position lights plus a central mounted LED headlight, full digital LCD meter panel with shift timing light, sleek LED signal indicators with hazard light functionality makes it an impressive-looking bike. In addition to this, the MT25 is equipped with the dual-channel ABS braking system for both the front and rear wheels.

Priced at an affordable RM 21,500 excluding insurance & registration fees, the Yamaha MT25 comes in 2 distinctive MT Series colours –Ice Flo and Yamaha Blue and will be available at all Yamaha Big Bike.

Ice Flo

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