During this COVID-19 and Ramadan, there are the less fortunate and elderlies who are feeling more isolated than ever, while the low-income folks are struggling even more than usual to make ends meet with all non-essential services being put to a halt and the “kampong” folk are faced with difficulties. Givi Asia, Givista Community together with “Budakani” and “Moto Wazi” took the scorching heat to hand bags of rice, cooking oil, eggs to 17 less fortunate folks and families in Bukit Changgang, Banting.  

Former cub prix racer Hj Wazi Abdul Hamid joined Givista Community
"Pakcik receiving mask and essential supplies
Pakcik home was burnt down recently and had to stay in a shelter infront of his home

Givista Community hope that the small contribution of everyday necessities would  ease the burden of families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during the Ramadan period.

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