Acryl Sani Inspector-General of Police Abdullah Sani has expressed concern over high-performance and agile “kapcai” (moped) motorcycles lately.

He said the presence of speed was one of the main reasons for the increase of road accident rates.

“The speed is one of the contributors to the high number of accidents and deaths among motorcyclists.

He also suggested that the high -capacity agile kapcai model ridden in excess of the mandatory speed limit be banned and to be on the road and its sale in the market also should be banned.

Acryl Sani’s suggestion is a follow -up to the revelation of several local automotive news portals that reported the excitement of motoring fans towards the motorcycle. (this is referring to Suzuki Raider 150i which recently launch to Malaysian market) It was after the spread of a video about the latest model,
the Suzuki Raider R150 Fi, also known among motorcycle fans as ‘Si Belang’,
which reached a speed of 177 km/h through the latest test of the”dyno” machine.

“Vehicles (kapcai) like this must be banned in Malaysia (because) there is no relevant speed of 177 km/h on the road while the maximum speed limit is 110 km/h (on the highway),” said Acryl Sani.

Through careful testing on the “dyno” machine, the kapcai motorcycle marketed at RM8,173 (excluding road tax and insurance), showed that ‘Si Belang’ was able to record a maximum speed between 150 km/h to 160 km/h.

A “dyno” machine is a device that measures the force, torque or power of a vehicle. Meanwhile, Acryl Sani urged the Malaysian Road Safety Research Institute (Miros) to play a key role in studying the direction of motoring as well as formulating a safe motorcycle policy in the future.

“Miros should be a pushing body,” he added. Accident statistics as of August last year showed that for every 10 people killed on the road, seven were motorcycle users with the majority of deaths being made up of kapcai users.

Since 2019, the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) has launched a “war” on the popular Yamaha 15ZR or better known as Y-Suku which is said to be able to reach speeds of 160 km/h after being modified and often used as an illegal racing vehicle. 

At the annual general meeting of the Road Safety Council three years ago, a senior JSPT official suggested to the Ministry of Transport that a new B3 motorcycle licensing category be created for youths by only being allowed to ride low -powered electric motorcycles or 100cc combustion motorcycles and below by 2025.

“If we have this new category of licensees, it can save many lives. It will benefit the country. If we have a long -term policy to control the target group of 16 to 25 years and form a new culture for them to only ride low -powered motorcycles, ”said JSPT Chief Assistant Director (Enforcement) Bakri Zainal Abidin.

Six months ago, a transportation planner recommended that “underbone” kapcai motorcycles be phased out of sale in the market and replaced with low -powered electric motorcycles to curb the high number of deaths and road accidents among motorcycle users.

Welcome back Raider R150 Fi (previously know as Belang) 





The Suzuki Raider R150 Fi is the most unique motorcycle here in Malaysia. It has created its own cult and is respected for its performance. Until today, there are thousands of riders and enthusiasts who continue to support this moped.

Suzuki Malaysia has brought in the latest variant of the Raider R150 with fuel injection.

The 150cc 4-valve bucket-tappet DOHC 150cc engine is the most powerful unit ever to be installed in a Raider R150 Fi. Not only increment in power (2kW higher now at 13.6 kW at 10,000 rpm and 1.3Nm torquier at 13.8 Nm at 8,500 rpm), Suzuki engineers ensure power is felt throughout the entire engine speed range, right from the low to the highest rpms. Claimed 18hp, this will be the highest production 150cc. 

The four-hole type fuel injector used in the fuel injection system injects the optimum amount of fuel to ensure better power and greater fuel efficiency. The six sensors built into the engine ensures sufficient data is gathered for the ECM to decide the best ratio for the best engine performance.

The use of larger valve diameter (24mm versus 22mm fir the intake valve outside diameter and 2imm versus the previous 19mm for the exhaust valve) increases the efficiency of the 150cc engine, be it in terms of power output or fuel consumption.

The SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) plated cylinder used in Suzuki’s larger sports motorcycles are also being utilised here to ensure Raider will be protected against thermal deformation while reducing friction.

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