Japanese motorcycle website Young Machine Japan has just revealed some pictures of the new Honda CBR600RR-R. Besides that, Young Machine It also predicts that the all-new CBR600RR-R will be launched in 2021. Another post by a local Honda BigWing dealer also showed a rending he claims the new CBR600RR-R is on the way to the drawing board. 

Since Honda dropped the CBR600RR from its model range as its 600cc engine fell foul to the Euro4 emissions regulations, the Honda supersport offerings to the 600cc have been ignored and they focus on the CBR650 which is more road friendly but a little too soft for some. While 2020 CBR1000RR-R recently launched, maybe Honda may focus back on the supersport category.  

However the CBR650R is a very good bike, with more comfort, usability for the real-world than the race-bred CBR600RR.

Young Machine always do predict new machines coming in the near future, so it does seem seem they have an insider info.

Both photo we have is a rendering by the magazine, and not officially from Honda. Like we said earlier Young Machine always have a knack of getting these renderings almost on on key – just like the a few Kawasaki model that already in production. it’s like someone from the factory is feeding them information.

A CBR600RR in a 2020 Fireblade style looks awesome even with photo shopped rendering. Our guess is maybe on the production pipeline! Let wait for more news!

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