September 26: In conjunction with National Sports Day 10.10.2021, Malaysia Association Malaysia (MAM) initiated a “Come & Try” program for kid’s age between 8-12 years old to try out racing motorcycle. Kids with no experience are able to try out 50cc bikes on the Aylezo Speedzone go-kart track at Shah Alam. Guiding them is ZK Racing’s Zulfahmi Khairuddin and his racing team riders. While pocket bike racers took the chance to ride on the Ovale GP-0 bikes.

The aim of this MAM Come & Try is to introduce to the motorsports community with respect to basic riding a 2-wheel and 4-wheel motorspots with the concept of come, learn and drive and will be followed by a 4 wheel session with Afiq Ikhwan on October 10 in conjunction with National Sports Day 2021.

ZK Racing Team Manager Zulfahim Khairuddin
25 participants took the tracks
Muizz Azli, Secretary General, Motorsports Association of Malaysia
Getting use to the mini 50cc bikes
Come & Try kickstarts with 50cc
Nurturing young talent for FIM Minigp future riders
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