Month of April-ia, the RS660 Test Ride tour goes to the northern state of Penang, Sheng Fatt Motor, Penang hosted the second leg of the Aprilia RS660 Test Ride session. 

Northern Aprilia enthusiasts got a chance to test ride the most talked about Aprilia model. The test ride began on Friday 16th right through 18th Aprilia 2021.

The RS 660 raises the concept of sportiness to a new level, focusing on an excellent power-to-weight ratio that is likely to really excite but that is also easy to handle, making it an accessible ride for anyone. A unique bike stylistically, from the ground up, maintaining the Aprilia values of state-of-the-art technology and style.

Penang Island was an ideal place for riders to test and have a feel of riding the RS660. With the buzy traffic around Komtar building enroute to Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway riders got a chance to really test out the RS660.

Even with the “Commute” mode the RS 660 is all about smooth power delivery and torque everywhere. Being a twin, which it doesnt pull out as much power as a four-cylinder 600, but the RS660 makes up for that by giving the RS a linear powerband from 3,000 rpm to over 10,000 rpm, and with a broad torque curve that delivers 61Nm at 4000 rpm to the 11,500 rpm redline.

A week ago we did get a chance to ride the RS660 on the road but didn’t really fully test as we swap to a Tuono half way through the test although we got a chance to test out the straight line speed. The RS easy and quickly got to 200km/h even in Commute Mode.

But now it’s time to go riding in real city condition with some city corners en-route to the express way. Although it is a faired sportbike, the RS660 does not have a fully committed riding position. The bars are clip-on style, though they mount directly on to the triple clamp and not under which more a comfortable upright but still sporty position unlike my old RSV4 Factory. As I said before the RS660 is not a dedicated supersport bike, and the riding position is not excessive. 

The pegs are back, though not so high as to over-bend the knees. The seat is super comfortable. A narrow feel boosts confidence immediately. The RS660 is far more comfortable than any supersport motorcycle I’ve ridden before. Plus, riding around the city felt comfortable but Aprilia does makes sense the riding position in the twisty weekend ride and occasion trackdays, which is home soil for the RS660.

Firing up the DOHC parallel twin is a pleasant experience. The 270-degree firing order and counterbalance weights give the 659cc motor its personality from the moment you push down on the start switch. The V-twinish engine at idle rpm is has a pleasant sound at the stoplight. The RS 660 is all about smooth power delivery and torque everywhere. Being a twin, it won’t put out as much power as a four-cylinder 600.

But most high-end bikes are now with electronics. But Aprilia we could really say that they went overboard with all-in with electronics on the RS660, so you can tune the RS660 to your liking.

There are two sets of riding modes three modes for the street and two mode for the track.

A four-way switch and beautiful TFT dash make it easy to switch between the modes, and each mode is customizable. The parameters are power delivery (three levels), engine braking (three levels), traction control (eight levels), wheelie control (on/off), and cornering-aware ABS (three levels). That is more than most riders can demand, and the four preset choices are great to start with. Once you know how to fiddle with the electronics, RS660 can easily suit any rider, being new or experience rider. RS660 also is equipped with a six-axis IMU makes each setting as effective as possible.

The three Street modes are Commute, Dynamic, and Individual. The modes do exactly what you’d expect. The Commute mode pads everything down, and is the way to go around town it makes a smooth motorcycle even smoother. The Dynamic mode loosens the leash on all the parameters, except wheelie control. Going custom allows you to set every parameter to your taste and riding character.

For those who are serious and willing to hang it out a bit like us, the Track modes have minimum electronic babysitting. I briefly tested the Challenge Mode when I rode around MotoPlex, cant wait to go tracking with the RS660 in the future.

Although I’m usually a rider who ride with maximum throttle response so RS660 is one of my favourite to own. While the 660’s motor might not produce race-winning results on the track with other 600 Supersport bike, it is precisely what you need for a daily bike and weekend twisty runs.

With up/down quickshifting standard, it’s easy to change gears as needed even in traffic but due to the power delivery of the RS660, you won’t find yourself shifting as often as you might anticipate, unless you are in a serious hurry. The quickshifter is flawless in both directions you will never a missed shift or unexpected lag.

Summary of the Penang Test Ride, the RS 660 is agile when you want it to be, yet as stable when needed. The power and delivery, so I believe the RS660 will never get upset on how you ride it. A demanding rider like me can fall in love with the RS660 even when I push abit beyond my comfort zone and chase down more-skilled riders and faster machines.

Looking at a 100-horsepower motor and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires are just outstanding as stock tyres which are capable of harnessing twice the power without any drama at the go-kart tracks. But for the big track like Sepang Circuit, I will recommend to step up to Diablo Supercorsa but for the street, the Diablo Rosso Corsa IIs will just do the job and mileage as I predict most owners will ride and ride from sun rise till sunset even got touring when the borders open up, I know I will! Mae Hong Song 1854 corners!

Thanks Aprilia Malaysia and Sheng Fatt Motor, Penang for the invite and congratulations to one of the first owners RS660 Mr. Shapx getting your RS660 key. We expect RS660 to be cruising on the Malaysian road in mid May!

When launch the Aprilia RS660 is RM59,900 (excluding road tax and insurance) and after 1st first 10 units was booked within a few days. the next batch went up to RM66,000 and will continue to go up to RM72,000 once the 22 unit of second batch is booked and sold. I really think this bike is a keeper and worth every penny spent! So dont think go head down to your local Aprilia dealer and get them to take your money, just like what I did! No regrets I say, when there is a will there is a way! Just take my money you sexy RS660. Its love at First Ride! 

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