In addition to unveiling the latest models from various other brands, MForce proudly introduced the newest addition to their lineup at the KL Bike Show 2023: Moto Bologna Passione, also known as MBP Moto. They also announced that MForce will have the exclusive privilege of being the official distributor for this prestigious Italian brand.

MBP, or Moto Bologna Passione, stands as a revolutionary force in the motorcycle industry, celebrated for its dedication to innovation, exceptional design, and cutting-edge technology. MBP Moto embodies a true testament to creativity and forward thinking. With its advanced applications and state-of-the-art systems, MBP Moto offers enthusiasts a driving experience that is not only safer and more comfortable, but also highly interactive. From impressive fuel efficiency to a robust navigation system, each MBP Moto motorcycle integrates high-tech features to ensure riders receive the very best experience.

During the KL Bike Show 2023, hosted at PWTC from today until August 27, 2023, MForce proudly showcased several upcoming models from MBP. These include the C1002V, SC150RE, M502N, and SC150. While final pricing and features for each model are still under consideration, MForce remains steadfast in their primary mission: to provide Malaysians with affordable options.

Dante Bustos, Chief Marketing Officer of MBP Moto, also provided a brief introduction to the brand at the booth, highlighting the strengths and advantages of this exceptional label. The introduction of MBP Moto garnered significant attention from show attendees, instilling confidence in this exciting new brand among the public.

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