Looking for an adrenalin adventure and off-road packed day or just sliding on a flat track? You can head on down to Gamuda Cove’s Discovery Park latest offering! Moto Maniac Flat Track Experience. 

Bring your kids to get a taste of offroad riding with safety gears included in the packages.

Moto Maniac beside just flat tracking @ Gamuda Cove Discovery Park, they also offer unparalleled excursions on dirt motorcycles where you can slide, jump, wheelie, get mud on your face, ride through beautiful Malaysia’s best off-road trails passing through hills & mountains, river & water crossings, mud & sand, even islands & seas adventure, waterfalls & rapids, secondary jungle & rainforest, for a thrilling quest to see parts of Malaysia, you never knew existed from the original base in Rawang. 

Your trail often times passes through tiny villages of Orang Asli (the natives of Malaysia), creatures in the wild and magnificent tropical flora & fauna in the world’s oldest rainforest (130 million years old)!

No gears, no problem, MotoManiac offers all the gears in their flexible packages

At the Gamuda flat track packages starts from RM90.00 for 30 mins. 

While in Rawang, Moto Maniac Adventure & Tour packages start from as little as MYR320.00 for a 60km out on beginners’ trail (bike with complete gear, fuel, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, shower facilities, etc) to full-blown customized packages of up to 5 days in the wild & remote villages, where your meals are what can be caught in the river & your hotel – 5 billion stars

Adventure packages, you will find tours with varying degrees of off-road challenges with trails & terrain ranging from beginners to experts

There are also packages for just ‘rent & ride’. More than that, Moto Maniac cater for customized packages to suit any budget, time & other preferences for off-road tours

The possibility is endless, really! 

So contact MotoManiac for your next adventure & talk to them about your adventure experience. 

Visit www.motomaniac.com.my

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