The Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) has announced its plans to promote its two-wheeled supermoto series and the four-wheeled Proton Saga series as national-level championships to gain higher recognition from the local motorsport fraternity. After a successful 2022 season, MSF hopes to make 2023 a bigger success by upgrading several of its component series to spread enjoyable, exciting, and affordable motor racing to the Malaysian masses. The event director of MSF, Adian Yein Khalid, spoke about securing the support of all relevant stakeholders, including the Youth and Sports Ministry, the media, and local authorities. The new SuperMoto series had generated plenty of interest since it started, and MSF hopes to inspire more participation among grassroots motorsport followers. 

The MSF SuperMoto Series starts 2023 as the Malaysian SuperMoto Championship 2023 by MotoMSF and will travel to circuits around the country, with over 60 riders per round expected to participate. The Malaysia Saga Cup Championship will be upgraded to a national level due to its popularity and prominence. MSF Touge Hill Climb Series will run for two rounds this year, with the opening round on June 25 and the closing round on August 20. MSF’s popular SuperTurismo and Superbikes events, as well as the new Merdeka 88 Endurance at Sepang International Circuit, will continue to be its main priority.

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