Back in the days where, your butt will tell you, the rider on the seat of the motorcycle, that your tyre pressure is low, you will then need to go to the gas station and fill up the appropriate tyre pressure. Those days are gone! After a hot day ride, you want to know what is your tyre pressure is! You then have to carry a tyre pressure gauge! Those days are gone!  When you go to a trackday, instead of towing your bike there, you ride it there in the morning, 30km away on normal tyre pressure, after that you need to drop your tyre pressure to ride in the track…. You will have to manually release the tyre pressure. Those days are gone!

The above example, that is the real world reality, I get, but those days are gone. Why I say gone, is because I have installed Fobo Bike 2, a Smart Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, TPMS in short!

Fobo Bike 2 is really a convenient device, especially for me and I guess for all motorcyclists. What I do is just open the Fobo Bike 2 App, and I straight know what is my cold tyre pressure, before I head out on my daily routine or my Sunday morning ride. It’s so easy, just go to Play Store or Apple App store to download the app. Then take the Fobo Bike 2 out of the box and install on the tyre valve. Pair with it with you mobile phone via Bluetooth and you’re 80% done! The next step is set up the high and low recommended tyre pressure from your bike make.

This gadget is really recommended by us because previously I had two little holes that were caused by metal wire, (not nails) I picked up on my RS660 that I used to travel to Segamat and then JB, I had to put a worm on my stock Pirelli Rosso Corsa II, that wasn’t a nice feeling when your tyre feels wobbly the air was coming out real fast. Patching your tyre with a tyre worm is not recommended as the mechanic will make the hole bigger to insert in the “bugger”. The ideal patch is from inside the tyre but you will have to dismantle the whole rim and tyre to patch from inside. (that will cost more than RM5-10! And not to mention time) so no choice have to quick fix the tyre! The second wire I picked up nearby my place 2 weeks later. So had to worm it again. Oh yeah, tyre worm does not last ya, every 2-3 days if I don’t ride my RS, and when I do I feel the tyre wall moving under me, so I just need to go to the petrol station and add the tyre pressure again. The trips to the petrol stations we more frequent for “Air” than gas, finally I decide to go to the workshop to check the tyres. The 2 worms were leaking so badly, I had no choice but to change the rear tyre! Well, I had around 13,500km mileage on the Rosso Corsa, I’m more of a cornering type of rider, so my side is used more I did have 50% left in the middle and 30% on the side before I changed my rear tyres. The moral of this story is if you have a leaking tyre immediately go to a workshop and get your tyre patched from the inside and try not to save money or time and use tyre worm to fix the leak (if you can situation)

Well let’s get back to Fobo Bike 2, besides real-time TPMS, the Fobo has a few more functions, besides 24×7 monitoring, multi-mode alerts, slow and fast leak detection, remote monitoring, and multi-profile monitoring, is Group Ride monitoring. If all your bike buddies have Fobo Bike 2 installed, you can add their profile on the Fobo app, so Group Ride Monitoring is a feature that lets the riders form a group ride with a planned destination, and date and time. During the group ride, riders can know the tire pressure status and the relative locations of one another in the Map View. If you find that your riding peer is missing and see a tire pressure alert insignia on his bike profile, you will know that he may be stranded at the location on the Map View and may use your help. This is useful when a cellular phone signal is not available to call for help. There is probably an inbuilt GPS in the Fobo. CR2032 batteries are used to power the sensors and these are claimed to last up to two years. When it is time to change them it is relatively easy to unscrew the main cover from the sensor body.

There is another feature I really like, which is FOBO Share, sometimes I loan my bikes to friends and it would be nice if I can be assured of riding with optimal tyre pressure. FOBO Share, a patented function, allows your friends (Sharee) to use your motorcycle and the installed FOBO Bike 2 on their smartphones, this can be done for up to 100 users. They just need to send you the “key”/ “request” to you who will grant permission to use FOBO Bike 2 with just a click. Sharing has never been easier.

So I really recommend FOBO Bike 2 as the SMART TPMS for every biker should have on their bike. Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that works directly with your smart device using Android 5.0 and iOS 12 or later.

If someone does steal the sensors from your bike, they will find it rather difficult to use them.

That’s because the sensors will remain tied to the owner’s paired smartphone or tablet and cannot be connected to another one until the original device is used to release them.

Fobo also is available for trikes, cars and commercial vehicles. I really proud to be using Fobo which is Made in Malaysia by a company based in Ipoh, Perak and they are the first Smart TPMS that uses Bluetooth technology, Salutica Allied Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Fobo Bike 2 retails for RM396, I can say it’s not expensive for the peace of mind provided by the FOBO Bike 2 TMPS, Im really sure its likely be worth much more to many riders.

If you like to know more about Fobo Bike 2 click this link

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