Well it not the fastest nor a 300km/h clubber, it’s just a darn sexy Italian chick and like some bikes will give you happiness! And that’s what the Aprilia RS660 is to me, a bike that gives me happiness when I ride her!!  

Don’t get me wrong! Most bikes will also give me happiness but the RS660 takes me to a different happiness……

The RS660 brings back my nostalgic time with the 72.5hp RS250 way back in 1994, my first ever 250cc… a bike which the chassis built by Aprilia and the engine supplied by Suzuki, RGV250 Gamma. The bike I had before the RS250 was a Suzuki RG125F.

So these are great memories as the RS250 was a babe magnet. Chicks at bars and random ladies/girls will ask me to pillion them for a quick spin (many quickie opportunities, if you know what I mean!). That’s what the RS660 brings to me when I hop on the gel padded Lava Red seat of the RS660.


The 4 stroke era, which took over from the 2 strokes.

Apparently Aprilia stopped the production in 250cc segment and focused on its superbikes 1000cc development. Mile/RSV4 onward. This left Aprilia without a mid-range super sport rocket.

2019 when I was attending EiCMA, I had the chance to witness the RS660 launch and the introduction of 660 Tuono, I even got a chance to sit on the RS660 and take photo with the Boss of the Noale outfit, Aprilia CEO Massimo Rivola.

I fell in love with the RS660 in Milan straight away.

So fast forward to March 2021, when I got news that Aprilia Malaysia will announced the arrival of the RS660, I secretly gave them a buzz to try to get a price point at that time. They indicated to me the RS660 is estimated at RM60k.

So I went down and place the booking! The same feeling as I had when I booked my RS250!

Launched 31st March 2021 at KLCC the price announced for first 10 units was RM59,900! Yes! That’s the price I suggested to Juan Chow Wee, GM of Didi Resources at EiCMA during the launch in Italy.


Overwhelming response saw the RS660 was overbooked, after the 10 units New price for the RS660 is RM66,000! I saw my investment already up RM6k! That’s bloody better than BitCoin. Better book your unit before the RS660 goes up again! Rumoured to go up again to RM72k. (unconfirmed ya)

Today I had the first chance to ride the RS660 on the road. The test ride kicks off the Aprilia RS660 nationwide tour at Welly Sg Buloh.

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