Made in China? Yes! It’s made in China, CFMoto’s 250NK is a shining example of Chinese made motorcycle that is made with quality and durability in mind. The NK, is the smallest displacement available for riders in Malaysia from KTNS CFMoto. It’s sharing a platform with its supersport cousin, the 250SR, (coming soon) including the chassis and engine, albeit with a more relaxed and upright riding position without a fairing. Nakedness doesn’t translate to stripped-down here; CFMoto has brought to market a full-featured small-bore that new riders will find usable and confidence-inspiring. And as skills grows, so will the capability and fun.

At RM12,800.00 and RM13,800.00 (for ABS & TFT version) the NK is one of the lowest-priced in the naked class. Sharp lines and LED headlights, taillight, upside-down front forks and including a more premium NK with TFT meter (ABS Version), are what you would expect from more expensive machines. CFMoto is one of the leading Chinese motorcycle manufacturer rising ahead technology partnership with KTM. NK’s engine loves to be revved; it’s not a torquey bike, but a short first and second gear gets it off the line quick enough to surprise for many red-light jockeys. Third and fourth gear is where the NK finds its groove on the back roads. Off-corner grunt is smooth, predictable, but not prodigious. Momentum is your friend when riding a 250cc, so max out on the throttle, always! Once in the upper rev range, it builds entertaining power—still smooth and friendly. Do lug it out of corners and for sure a smile will emerge.

Rear suspension duties are handled what should be based on WP technology as the suspension provider to CFMoto. While at the front, the NK gets softer front springs in an inverted fork. Compression damping has also been decreased for a less aggressive ride.

Riding on a new route to Kerling narrow roads filled with cows dropping, to a short 5km off roads detour and then to Batangkali ‘s Kg Sg Tima to the river for a quick dip in the clear water. But despite the decrease in compression damping and lighter fork spring, the NK is compliant on less-than-perfect roads without an overly soft or too mellow feel, but let’s be clear the target customer for this machine the riders won’t have any issue. Overall it’s impressive the ride quality CFMoto was able to provide on a budget-minded motorcycle.

The 300mm single front disc is matched to a twin-piston J Juan front caliper, and has a beginner-friendly initial bite with adequate power for the NK’s intended usage. When more is asked and you get deep into the lever, the front brake feels wooden—squeeze harder and nothing happens past a certain point. But this is right at the performance of the NK. In 90% of duty, the front brake is just fine. At the rear, the single-piston caliper and 220mm disc have plenty of power and feel. Overall, the NK is a great naked machine, for all riders. Just as CFMoto has promised, it’s a great entry into the 250 naked lineup that provides enough performance to entertain new riders and also riders with more experience.

CFMOTO Malaysia also brings you an exclusive Limited Edition CFMOTO 250NK 30th anniversary. Celebrating its 30th-anniversary establishment of CFMOTO [Founded in 1989 at Hang Zhou China], The exclusive and limited 250NK 30th Anniversary Edition, only 400 units Limited Edition are produced and only 150 unit available for the Malaysian market.

CFMoto 250NK 30th Anniversary Limited Edition is priced at RM15,800.00 excluding registration, road tax and insurance.

Note: New aluminium swingarm | New Seat with matching lining | 30th Anniversary Livery | iXiL full system exhaust  


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