We fitted a brand new set of Michelin Power GP on our MT-09, and just clocked a 1000km mileage in 2 weeks. New Michelin Power Series comes with 2 Compound Technology (2CT).  

0-50km: Immediately right after installation, the Power GP felt planted and the carcass felt hard. (Scrub in period for a new tyre 50km).

51-100km: We took the MT-09 to the go-kart track at Elite Speedway, USJ, Subang. The Power GP took bumpy 990 metre track with 14 corners with ease. The Power GP took less than 2 laps to warm up and diving in the first corner without brakes as we speed up lap after lap. I deliberately set the tyre pressure for Road during the test in Elite Speedway, 36 psi for the rear and 34 psi for the front.

As I said earlier, the immediate feeling was hard, the Power GP has 68% harder compound in the middle of the tyre, while the side was a soft compound evenly distributed left and right side. The other “Feeling” that I need to mention is the Power GP feel rounder that the tyre I was using previously. The rounder the tyre here would let the rider take a slightly different line; I would say smoother lines instead of a quick turn. I had to adjust a little of my turning but I could start cracking the throttle earlier too. I was amazed with the GP’s compound; I could not slide the Power GP.

Usually I would have dropped the tyre pressure for the go-kart track to 28psi rear and 30psi front to get a better feeling but road pressure for this session was sufficient. More and more laps done the grip and confidence level increased drastically. It’s like the more I push the more grip I get.

In addition, I do need to mention too, that the weather was not the usual Malaysian heat, on the Friday morning when we arrived at 10am, we had hardly any sun, and it was cloudy and cooling I guess the temperature was 28-29 degrees. A cooling day all the way until 4pm.

Power GP is 50% for road and 50% for Track. So next lets hit the road!

101-350km: For the road test, what I had in mind was, let’s do Grab Express for 3 days! Therefore, over the 3 days we clocked over 250km. This time in the scorching heat. Riding through places I had never been, the Grab app took me everywhere around Klang Valley. And on the third day found a “screw” poked right in the rear tyre, lucky was right in the middle compound. I could remember where I picked up the “screw” as the app took me to deliver 2 bottle of wine to an Industrial area in Sunway, whereby, I saw a lot of nails and metal wires where I park my bike. Quickly I patched it.

351-550km: Weekend twisties! With the Covid19 pandemic and new CMCO ruling, we are unable to ride cross-states. Our usual weekend twisties route is Ulu Yam – Batang Kali – Genting – Bukit Tinggi. (Genting and Bukit Tinggi is located in Pahang state) so our route changed to Ulu Yam – Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) – Batang Kali (then U-Turn Back to KL)

Here I gotta mention too, my MT-09 is fitted with K-Tech Razor-R Suspension so on my previous set of tyres which was fully soft compound. (I can’t mention the brand but it’s not Michelins) The all-round soft compound, I could feel squashing an ant on the road, but the Power GP I couldn’t because the 68% hard compound in the middle. It’s a right move for tyre brands to do dual compounds, longer mileage as most riders are upright 80% of the time.    

A slight change in my lining as I enter the corners, with the more rounded Power GP, I would need to turn in earlier to the road’s apex, or the clipping point, of the corner. The Power GP feels neutral and I can make changes to the direction or line even at full lean, after committing to the corner. No slide nor any movement in the front and rear tyre. (I normally ride at 75% throttle at the twisties). Good rite? Well for me I am the kind who like a slight slide or two in mid corner, but the Power GP really feels planted, even with damp patches at the shady area at Batang Kali route. Here comes the interesting part of the weekend ride. After breakfast at KKB, I headed to Ulu Yam – Batangkali I met a group of MT-09s, for fun, so I chased down all of them till one Blue MT09 ahead, I stay behind him for around 10km, we were probably doing around 120-130kmh in the corners. As I was adapting to the rounder Michelins, I could make changes to my line, avoid a bump or holes, ride through oil spill or avoid them, and wet patches on the tarmac, I can even modify my corner lining quickly and easily even when leaning over. The Power GP has made my MT-09 more stable and flexible in cornering.

Overall, there is very good feel and grip on the edge of the tyres, with lots more feedback to me from the side.

The Power GP handles all types of road surface, from bumpy to smooth, there is a high level of grip to the rider for a road tyre.

551-800km: More city riding and few trips to Klang, average speed 140-160km/h. (Power Series have a speed rating over 240km/h)

801-1010km: Riding with pillion, the MT-09 remains stable even at high speed, and accelerating into turns, which gives the pillion a peace of mind. Even when braking, the tyre remains composed and remain stable through the city turns with no distortion or bounce back feel, it’s also supportive when braking into turns, with no movement of the tyre carcass. And the last 40km finally got a heavy rain that went on for 2 hour in Klang Valley. On my way back from Klang via the Federal Highway the road was completely wet with puddle of water everywhere I took the Power GP to its wet test. I was amazed with the grip, even the hard compound in the middle, I rode 135-145km/h all the way back from Klang to Petaling Jaya. Still felt planted on the road, I only could feel the mid tyre no traction when I shut the throttle when I got too close to vehicles on the fast lane, but when I got back on the throttle to pass the vehicles the grip was immediate. Even with wet tarmac, you could ride like you normally do in the dry. In a nuts shell summary, more throttle on the Power GP give you more grip.

Intended to meet the needs of motorcycle riders from 100% track to 100% street, Michelin has renewed its entire Sport offering by launching four new motorcycle tire ranges.: MICHELIN® Power 5, MICHELIN® Power GP, MICHELIN® Power Cup 2 and MICHELIN® Power Slick 2.

Front Size 120/70/17
Rear Size 180/55/17
2 Compound Technology (2CT)

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