First and foremost lever guards was developed to provide critical protection for the brake lever from accidental activation. Developed on the racetrack as a safety component where racers commonly swap elbow, whereby if the front brakes could be easily clipped and could easily launch the rider into a dangerous front flip. 

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) made these guards mandatory in MotoGP back in 2011, stating: “Motorcycles must be equipped with brake lever protection, intended to protect the handlebar brake lever(s) from being accidentally activated in case of a collision with another machine.

Do you remember the incident below? 

On the road for street bikes, a lever guard not only for styling, the lever guard protect like on the track and more protection, especially from car side mirrors as the riders may accidentally clip the side mirror and caused a front flip.

Lever guards also protect your expensive brakes like Brembo’s if there is a crash. Good lever guards like RCB will snap on impact to protect the expensive brake levers. 

last year I had a 240++km/h incident during a trackday, while on the back straight, a rider in front of me suddenly shut his throttle while we were reaching top speed. with his sudden chopping the throttle, I couldn’t avoid him. I slam on my front brakes till my rear wheel up in the sky.  

I slid 300m while my RSV4 slide even further 500m and flipped into the gravel trap. The RCB lever guard snapped but protect my Brembo RCS19 brakes. The brake lever only suffered some scratches and lightly bend, that’s all. 

All my bikes have lever guard and I recommend RCB lever guard for styling and protection.      

It's little protection goes along way
RCB GP Lever Guard

RCS GP2 Lever Guard is available at all RCB dealers nationwide at RM129.00. A small price to pay for safety and protection to you and your precious motorcycle.

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