We continue our modification and customization to our Yello Mello with a new monoshock from Racing Boy (RCB) M2 Line forY15ZR (208mm), we’ve brought one today as the standard one that was fitted from the manufacturer wasn’t giving the handling and the confidence on the Skyteam PBR110, I wanted after I had upgraded the front forks oil to a higher viscosity fork oil. (done at Chia Motor PJ) Of course, a proper front fork service is only half of the equation, so here we after 2 weeks of jittery riding we finally got it changed.

Immediately the handling was improved. Although the chosen monoshock was not the top of the line from RCB the rear felt much better and confidence improved tremendously. The rear 10 inch tyre does give a better traction now compare to the stock mono.  

You might be pleasantly surprised how a proper shock will transform your ride. Well worth the RM200 spend on the RCB mono with installation.

The M2 line has 3 mono variant, each to fit 3 moped models, Yamaha LC135 (203mm Red Coils), Yamaha Y15ZR (208mm Yellow Coils, just like Ohlins and matching with Yello Mello) and Honda RS150 (225mm Red Coils).

Rear Mono brought & installation done at Advanced Cycle Sales & Service Centre Address: No. 86, Jalan SS 4A/1, Sri Setia Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

Front Fork service with thicker viscosity fork oil done at Chia Motor PJ. Address: No. 11, Jalan 21/17, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Next, looking at wider size tyre 110/10 and 130/10 but good and grippy 10 inch is pretty hard to find but anyway the most important thing is settle with the rear supension.

Woke up one day just had and idea with my spare RSV4 faring!
Before the rear suspension update

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