With the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) announced few days ago, which the restriction for interstate travel is lifted, many bikers will take the weekend to ride out to their favourite “Makan”  (eating) spot. For many motorcyclists like me, a motorcycle is more than just a mode of transport, a motorcycle to me is unique to me, my bike has to be in tip-top condition for every ride. From the choice of lubricant to the tyres, to even the suspension set up is important. How do I prepare my bike for the daily ride to the weekend ride is very important to me. Here are some handy tips to keep us safe by making sure the motorcycle is in good condition to go near or far. Its always better to worry about the bike condition before the ride, to enjoy the ride.

Check the tyres

Check the Tyres:

Tyres are top of my list to ensure my ride is in the best possible condition, tyre pressure is set right. For road, I usually set it at 34 psi front and 36-37 psi for the rear. Never risk riding out with an under/overpressure tyre. Make sure the tyre is in good condition by checking for cracks on the tyre, tyre wear and tyre expiry. No point risking our lives with a worn-out tyre as the tyres are the only point of contact to the road with the motorcycle. So make sure the tyre is in good condition. You will never know the road conditions during the ride route.


Place the bike up right and check the engine oil level

Check Engine Oil:

Lubrication is what maintain your engine and keep it running smoothly. This is the second most important thing on my list before my weekend ride, especially for most of us the bike has been laying in the garage for so many months during the Covid19 movement restriction order. A happy engine make a happy ride! You don’t want to be calling a towing guy in the middle of nowhere.  So if you have not changed your lubrication, do so even you have not to reach the mileage. A tip to check your lubricant is to go for a short ride like 5km after warming up ur engine. Check if your gear changing is smooth or not, if the gear changing is soggy or loud vibration sound as you change gears, that will indicate that its time to get an oil change. 


400km ride to twisty Kuala Selangor back roads

Check the Chain & Sprocket:

Make sure the chain is well lubricated with chain lubes before your long ride. Recommend to lube your chain every 500km in dry condition and after every ride in the wet condition. It’s easy to ignore your motorcycle chain but it requires just as much attention as other key components of your motorcycle. Avoid a rusty noisy chain which impedes your safety and the motorcycle’s optimal function. An ignored chain will eventually fail, typically by breaking. A broken chain will ball-up around the counter-shaft to the front sprocket. When this happens, your chain will rip and tear its way through your soft aluminium motor guarantee to damage your engine and let us not forget how unsafe this all can be! Many years ago during a solo holiday ride, my chain snapped in the middle of nowhere, I was stranded there for 3 hours waiting for the towing guys and it cost me double in towing fees as it was a national holiday, so from that day onwards, I make it a point to check and lube my chain and check if the chain length is too tight or getting loose.  

Check the Brakes:

Checking the brake pads, and the brake fluid level, do top up the brake fluid level if its low.


Set the Suspension:

The suspension has to be in good condition, you don’t want to fight against the bike in every twisty turn, that will tiring the rider if the rider is tired many unwanted things can happen during any ride. Visit your mechanic to set up your bikes sag and compression in according to your weight. Suspension setting may need to be set every once a while especially after bumpy long rides.

So guys & gals lets enjoy our rides in the safest condition!

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