UMW Lubricant International Sdn Bhd (ULI), the official distributor of the world renowned Repsol lubricating oil, unveils a new vibrant yet unique design for champions in its range of motorcycle oil, distinguishing the Repsol brand as pack leader both on and off the track. 

Present to launch the new design was YBhg Datuk Dr Nik Norzrul Thani, Chairman of UMW Manufacturing & Engineering Sdn Bhd, together with YBhg Datuk Syed Hisham Syed Wazir, President & Group CEO, UMW Holdings Berhad, accompanied by En. Megat Shahrul Azmir, Executive Director of UMW Manufacturing & Engineering Division and Repsol Lubricants Asphalts & Specialties Director, Antonio Portela.

Distinguished Design for Champions

The vibrant yet unique design is set to portray a new vibe that exudes ultimate power and performance.  The awe-inspiring orange colour bears the mark of the globally respected Repsol brand emitting the essence of its content borne through years of research and track experience, tested and proven by champions!

46“This new energetic design will set apart our motorcycle lubricant oil from the competitor.  The product itself, the Repsol Moto Formula Premium 4T 10W40 and Repsol Moto Formula 4T 10W40 that are formulated to exceed API and JASO T 903:2006 MA standards have established a strong presence in Malaysia since its inception last year.  Known for its brilliant product performance, the brand’s reputation is now perfected with the new design” said Megat Shahrul Azmir, Executive Director of UMW Manufacturing & Engineering Division.

Laden with the latest additive technology the Repsol Motorcycle Oil has been designed to suite all type of motorcycles in Malaysia; making it the leading brand preferred by riders from all segment.  Specially formulated for riders that desire peak performance and ultimate protection for their machines, the R
epsol Motorcycle Oil keeps the engine system shielded for longer service life, improves the clutch and gearshift performance plus minimal sludge and deposits formation in the engine.

35The new vibrant design comes with different labelling that indicates different composition from racing, fully synthetic to mineral grades of lubricants, allowing customer to instantly identify the difference in quality level that best suit their engine requirement.

Track Proven

Still pulsating from being crowned as the Moto GP World Champion for 2 consecutive years (2013 & 2014), pilot Marc Marquez symbolizes the pinnacle of quality in Repsol’s brand and range of products.

Serving a huge motoring segment, the Repsol new range of products are specially designed for each type of motorbike, from racing bikes to scooters to Off Road & ATVs and anything in between for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.  From mineral to fully synthetic oil, the Repsol product and brand promises customer with an experience yet to be explored.

7Going “Beyond Boundaries®”

8“Today marks yet another gratifying moment for both Repsol & UMW.  As we venture forth as partners and expand our market reach in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2011, we have seen the Repsol brand grow exponentially and perceived as a premium brand associated with high quality and excellence in the eyes of the consumer.  We will continue to gain market growth both locally and within the region as we race towards becoming the market leader,” said Datuk Dr Nik Norzrul Thani.

Also present during the unveiling of Repsol new range design was, Repsol Lubricants Asphalts & Specialties Director, Antonio Portela.  “Repsol’s introduction of the new range is in line with the ever evolving local and global market environment.   Customers are becoming more demanding and in fulfil these demands, Repsol is constantly evolving and strives to exceed customer’s expectation. The unveiling of new improved product design is one of the initiatives that we hope will boost our brand presence as we forge ahead together with UMW and grow our market share. Through our collaborated efforts, Repsol has more than 300 outlets throughout the nation and we are looking to expand towards the region as a market leader.”



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