Rizoma introduced a dual-function rearview mirror as a safety device when riding a motorcycle and by closing the side mirrors, it also becomes an additional to theĀ  aerodynamics of your motorcycle. The Stealth Mirrors by Rizoma have gone through computer simulation tests as well as wind tunnels and the results is capable of producing up to 4kg of downforce at a speed of 300km/h.

Comes in 3 colors black, silver, and gray as well as well as 3 different sizes, to suit the design and theme of your motorcycle.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to modify the site of your motorcycle side mirror to install Rizoma Stealth because it is manufactured according to the original specifications of your motorcycle side mirror. This is a side view mirror of the future, interesting isn’t it?

I wonder how much is the Stealth Mirror? Hopefully, wont cost RM1,500 a pair!

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