During the first part of Movement Control Order (MCO) most of the bike workshops weren’t open. But as the whole nation looked upon to our “Abang Delivery” (delivery frontliners, FoodPanda, GrabFood, LalaMove etc) to deliver food, parcels and other stuff we order online to our doorstep as we practice #StayAtHome and #StaySafe. For many “Abang Delivery” they clocked up many kilometres to deliver orders.

This heart broken picture below that surface in the motorcycle community during MCO period really sadden RK Takasago Chain distributor from Penang, RK South Asia Sdn Bhd.

RK South Asia came out with an idea on how to help the “Abang Delivery” community to solve their motorcycle problem. By installing a Heavy Duty RK Seal Chain Kit that can withstand long millage of delivery “Abang”.    

But not only providing the heavy duty chain, RK South Asia together with their partners Alpinestars, Shoei and Gazel Lubricant team up together to show their token of appreciation to the #AbangDelivery that work so hard during the whole MCO period. Without their sacrifices during this MCO, we may not be able to successfully #StayAtHome and #StaySave during this difficult period. We as one nation together we brace through this storm.

Most of the Delivery Abang encounter issue during this MCO period were, when the workshop were close during the MCO period was they couldn’t find anywhere to get their bike fix especially chain kit replacement. Cable tie the chain only was a temporary measure but this will definitely wont take the duress of long period. (really smart temporary fix by this #AbangDelivery)

RK South Asia along with its partners took the initiative to support the delivery guys even further by providing:

  • RK-428KLO Seal Chain Kit
  • RK 428 Front and Rear Sprocket
  • RK limited Edition Cubprix T-Shirt
  • RK Washable Face Mask
  • Alpinestars Reef Glove ( By : Alpinestars Malaysia )
  • Shoei Arm Sleeve ( By : Shoei Malaysia )
  • Gesel Heinz 10w40 Fully Synthetic Lubricant Oil ( By : Sinar Puncak Sdn Bhd )

But the challenge was to practice “ The New Norm “ S.O.P to execute this project.

No specific Delivery Brand was chosen as this will all be random and it will be pure luck to our Delivery Abang to replace the motorcycle with RK Seal Chain Kit one by one to adhere to the new norm social distancing practice. RK make a random order through their respective platform app.

It was not easy to convince the delivery boys that it was totally “FREE” from RK as token of gratitude to them. After they understand that this is not a “PRANK” they welcome this gift with smile on their face. After performing the S.O.P temperature checking, record and hand sanitising they proceed for the Chain Kit replacement and “Happy Ending” for the Delivery Abang! Well done RK South Asia.

This activity did come with some challenges. By practising social distancing RK  could only do one bike at a time. So RK segregated this activity in to 2 days. Start from morning 9am session, then after lunch 2pm and lastly 3pm to avoid the delivery guys peak working hours.

We at i-Moto would like to thank the “unsung heroes” and RK South Asia Sdn Bhd for their part in this Covid-19 MCO period.

#TerimaKasihDeliveryAbang #RKTakasagoChain #RKMalaysia #PaduRK

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