Key Features:
  • Powerful 1340cc engine with SDMS
  • Brembo brakes
  • Bi-directional quick shifter 

We just got done cruising 800km from KL – Penang up and down, riding the 2022 Hayabusa GSX1300R. This is a completely new redesigned hypersport bike from Suzuki. This motorcycle is all about going fast and going there is very, very comfortably. The Suzuki Hayabusa has a cult following since 1999. Now fastforward to 2022, this model, Suzuki did a number of careful improvements to improve the overall dynamic of this motorcycle. Well let’s start with the engine, the engine continues to be powered by Suzuki’s 1340cc in line four this is a water-cooled, dual overhead cam, 16 valve engine while the architecture and the actual specifications of the engine is similar to its predecessor. 

Suzuki has done a lot of modifications inside that engine to make it smoother to add torque and increase that fun-loving high-performance high adrenaline character that the Hayabusa has always had. I really like the engine in this motorcycle, it just one of the bike that I had to start with B mode as didn’t know what to expect from this monster. But after riding out from Suzuki Malaysia, I must say the torque is just right and you think Suzuki can make an engine so smoother as they did. The GSX1300R engine is just epitome smooth, with the quick shifter shifting all the way to sixth gear! Just dial in the throttle and away you go what I really like about the powertrain on the Hayabusa is just the way the new electronics package with this new Suzuki. This motorcycle the bike has 10-way adjustable IMU power traction control and 10-way adjustable wheelie control (which I didn’t try out), cornering ABS with Engine Brake Control. This Suzuki also has SDMS to adjustable the power modes. I gotta to sat, it has a really neat and slick launch control system too. (I did try out after playing around with the Mode Controls, getting out of the R&Rs. Hayabusa are made for drag racing and they’re made for going fast in a straight line and that launch control really allows you to wield the motorcycle and launch it in a more easy and predictable fashion. The chassis on this motorcycle this bike is still a very much a heavyweight motorcycle and weighs around 266 kgs wet but its about 3 kg less than her predecessor! So it’s a sizable motorcycle you know these Hayabusas have always been designed for bigger riders, but even smaller riders like me will fell comfortable. I really like the ergonomics on this motorcycle. We rode the Hayabusa to Penang for a day and surprisingly, very agile and very predictable. The suspension is a bit bouncy but controllable even at speed of 260km/h. I was pretty confident as the braking package was Brembo.

I can say, it’s a more competent motorcycle to go touring although, it’s big and heavy for a rider like me but it doesn’t necessarily feel as big and heavy as I pick up speed. (just remember to park at a level ground!)

If you’re a diehard Suzuki Hayabusa fan you are gonna like this  motorcycle. Suzuki really stuck to the script when they changed things but they changed things in a very methodical fashion this isn’t an all new ground-up redesign with a cross plane engine and everything’s totally different. This Hayabusa has the the same character we’ve known and loved for many years it’s just a little bit more modern and a little more smooth and polished but still a heck of a lot of fun to ride! Not as overwhelming as you may think!  

And oh yes during the ride up to Penang 70% of the time was heavy rain. The Hayabusa performed pretty well in the wet conditions. And coming back on Sunday I had a real good time blasting the throttle to try out this beast and I can say I tame her in all conditions!

This 2022 Hayabusa could come in your Garage for a price of RM111,200 (bike body price) Any takers? I think I got a few fellow biker buddy hooked on!  

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