After 3 years we finally got a Kawasaki to review, this time full CKD assembly by Modenas, Kawasaki Z250 ABS, but 1st we had to customary run in the engine as we got the Z250 at 5km on the odometer. Piston felt very tight when we took the bike from EON HQ, Glenmarie.

So for the first 100km, we just do casual riding and pick up upon reaching 100-110km/h we maintain the speed. Parallel Twin Cylinders, 4-Stroke, Liquid-cooled, 8 Valves DOHC 37hp powered 248cc, takes the city ride with ease, but when hit the Karak highway I was a bit disappointed as I could only get 165++km/h probably cos engine still very tight. But never the less the Z250 comes with good and steady handling even without upside down forks as its competitors in the same segment,    

Sunday Test
Green Version
Green Version

The naked sibling to the Ninja 250 was designed to be a real Supernaked machine offer excellence performance engine and chassis. The Dunlop tyres provide ample grip for normal riding. Riding position is also very upright, riders who like relax riding would low this riding position. But on highways adding an after market windshield would be a good option. 

Compare to its predecessor, the new Z250 ABS offers lighter handling and stronger low end feeling – a rider friendly combination ideal for fun, nimble street riding. Matching its exciting performance, the Z250 ABS is clad in aggressive new styling. Inspired by the sugomi styling of the flagship Z models, all-new bodywork blends the designs of the Z650 ABS and Z250 ABS to deliver an aggressive, agile, masculine impression. Easy navigation through the urban jungle or parked strikingly on a street corner, this lightweight bike is sure to turn heads.

2022 Z250 ABS

Modenas Kawasaki Z250 is priced from RM20,500, excluding Road Tax and Insurance (expect to add around RM1,000 to get the Z250 on the road)

For enquiry or more information can contact authorised Modenas Kawasaki dealer Eang Chun Motor Zack Ho +60 12-444 9198 or drop by Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd 69-75, Jalan Genting Kelang, 53200 Kuala Lumpur KL, Malaysia  


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