My previous review 400NK was heavy bugger, but I soon discovered why! The 250NK was extremely great in the city, but on Sunday ride 250NK felt light on the highways. But 400NK completely feels at home on the highways and the twisties. Top speed I got was 182km/h but takes quite a constant full throttle all the time to reach there. The 400NK pitted against S1000R, 1290 Adventure, Gixxer, Tracer, Street Triple, GS and 2 Multistrada 1200. Karak at full throttle, the NK with full throttle was mid of the group. You could full throttle at 180+ and there’s never a shake or a twitch from the NK. The fun factor was at the B–Roads! Once on these roads, the NK turns sharply, precisely where I wanted to go; you will always feel planted with the CST radial tyres. I can say CST will give you a comparison feel like a Rosso 3 equivalent, but slightly better.

final mileage was 888km

The downside here is the lack of torque exiting the corners, if you are at a higher gear or wrong gear, you can feel the engine and air box choking! To go fast in the twisties, you gotta constantly up-shift and downshifting. Pretty energy-consuming. (and I didn’t sleep Sunday morning, so I kept awake and went for the ride!)

#please note don’t ever do this, that evening and the following day I was totally washed out! Even felt like getting sick, whole body aching! So never work until wee in the morning and go riding guys, this serious. I even dropped my spectacle case at the shooting point, only to discover at the Fish Farm Restaurant which was 100km away. That time was already 4pm, I went back solo all the way, lucky to have found it!  I think I could race Sepang 8 hours after this ride! 

I even took the 400NK for a bit of off-road too, to reach the Kenoboi stream we had to go off-road for 3-4km. This the 400NK took the lead and new looked back, well a minor wrong path judgement we all had to U-turn  

The front J.Juan brake felt a bit soggy, you won’t get much precision brake but I would think this bike is more for the new riders so precision braking not important, ABS does make it lag in precision stopping. In emergency braking the initial bite is hard but then the ABS kicks in. I would say this 400NK fit into Sport Cruiser category. Please lose some weight future 400NK’s! or just slap the 250NK frame with this engine! I’m sure with the 250NK frame, 400NK would be a rocket!  

Specifications CFMoto 400NK:

Engine: 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, Bosch EFI, 2-cylinder inline, 8-valve

Displacement: 400.4cc

Max Power: 41 bhp @ 9500rpm

Max Torque: 25.4 lb-ft @ 7650rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Seat Height: 815mm

Fuel Capacity: 17 liters

Tire, front: 120/70Z R17

Tire, rear: 160/60Z R17

Brakes front/rear: Dual Disc / Single Disc ABS

Curb Weight: 208kg

Price: RM18,900 excluding roadtax, insurance and registration fees.

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