August 16th Race Day! Moto2 had a red-flagged, MotoGP also had a red-flagged. Both incident involve highspeed crash. 

In Moto2 incident involving Enea Bastianini and Hafizh Syahrin, Bastianini high-sided and his bike was right in the middle of the track Hafizh coming out of the corner while slipstreaming had nowhere to go but ran stright to Bastianini’s bike! The impact caused Hafizh to be thrown out of his bike and into pieces! Riders behind had to avoid Hafizh and its debris! Fortunately, Hafizh walked away with only bruising after a horror crash at the Austrian Grand Prix.! In the Moto2 incident, Edgar Pons and Andi Farid Izdihar also involved, they fell as they swerved to avoid the carnage.

The race was immediately red-flagged but amazingly all riders were conscious and largely unharmed.

Next was MotoGP was more frantic when Zarco and Morbidelli collided their bike went flying and near miss both Rossi and Vinales. 

Hafizh Syahrin lying on the track after the mishap.

Vinales covers his head to avoid the flying bikes
the flying bikes misses Rossi by millimetres
Both Rossi and Vinales were very lucky

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