Vespa teamed up with Christian Dior to create VESPA 946  C. DIOR model and accessories.

From the Colour, Helmets, storage boxes to the accessories, Dior design this Italian motorcycle brand Vespa with a fashion statement!

The Vespa 946 Christian Dior presents the heritage of two major brands of exquisite craftsmanship and history, featuring a graphic design by Dior Women’s Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri , to an elegantly modern classic.

Dior Oblique theme totem on both the body case and special helmet, which echoes the leather seat design, further enhance the single-seat structure and iconic arc of the body.


It was 1946 when Vespa made its debut on the roads of a Europe devastated by the recent conflict but, equally, full of creativity and a desire for renewal. After seventy-four years of history and over eighteen million scooters, Vespa is a global reference for style, elegance and technology. A brand known and loved all over the world that, with more than one and a half million vehicles produced in the last decade, is experiencing one of the most fortunate and dynamic periods in its story.


The Vespa 946 was launched in 2013. It is an innovative product which takes inspiration from the Vespa prototype MP6 produced in 1946.

A look at the 946 brings to mind the creativity and ingenuity that gave rise to the original Vespa. As the prototype which serves as inspiration the Vespa 946 seems to come directly from the best technology of its time. Details such as the handlebars that feature sewn trim with needle and thread, aluminium parts fitted manually, one by one in monocoque steel body, a dedicated production line, more like an haute couture atelier than a production line, make this Collection stand out. Vespa 946 is built by human skill, piece by piece, carefully crafted with glorification of manual labour as the most valuable Italian manufactured crafts. The pulsating heart of the Vespa 946 (a single cylinder 125 cc 4 stroke, 3 valve, air cooled engine with electronic injection) is an extremely modern engine which reveals the lines of development of engines of the future, characterized by reduced fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction of gaseous and noise emissions.


The color of the Vespa 946 Christian Dior body is an exclusive color made together with Dior creative Department, as well as the gold color for the finishing touches.

The saddle is in real blue-leather with ton sur ton seams; the handles are covered with blue- leather and the seams are ton sur ton. 

The saddle support is realized with a “Dior Monogram” original fabric upholstery.

On the right side of the vehicle there are some exclusive decalco with the “Christian Dior Paris” logo, although on the left side there is the possibility to personalize it.

The hook placed under the saddle has the exclusive “Christian Dior” logo. 

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