The hype about ADV150 is “I want one”! But the waiting list is 6 months! WHAT! 6 months!

Our 1st experience with ADV150 was at Bangkok Hotrod & Custom Show back in 2019, I called a Grab bike and turn it turn out that I had my first ride on a Honda ADV150, I was a “pillion”.

Fast forward to now 2021!

Had an ADV150, which I named it “Andy” for a week, and “Andy” is a sort of a headturner scooter! Wherever I go sure people will say to me “new bike ah” and “Wah! Nice Bike leh!

This new ADV150 hypes and its raves from Honda is quite simple, and you wanna know why?

A scooter that looks like an X-ADV, a quasi-off-road 750cc maxi-scooter, but not as heavy but very nimble and sure can handle the tight twisties while fitting perfectly for the city usage, so to summarise it is, “I want one” if not for the 6 months wait! I should get one then my wife could ride, well everyone should get ADV150 as Sport Utility Scooter.

But bear in mind, what’s underneath that rugged skin of ADV150 is essentially a Honda PCX150. The story of how ADV150 was conceived was, a couple of years back, so goes the story, a design competition for a new scooter was established within Honda, centred around the markets where Automatic Scooter are most popular (e.g. Mediterranean Europe and Southeast Asia).

And so the team from Honda Thailand participated and won, and the concept was an adventure scooter to follow in the footsteps of the bigger capacity X-ADV.

The community has been anxiously waiting since Jan 18 launch date and for the price announcement, those who book the ADV150, prepare a 3-6 month wait.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably serious on getting one, but for now, sit back, relax, and let me tell you how this small-engine scoot fared in our test.

It’s powered by a tamer (really mean tame!) 149.3cc SOHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with the eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) technology same as the PCX and underbone frame as a platform, Honda ladled on LED lighting, chunkier tires, adjustable wind protection, a totally new dash, and of course new bodywork.

Specifications ■ Length 1960mm Width 760mm Height 1150mm Wheelbase 1325mm Cushion height 795mm Weight 134kg149cc water-cooled four-stroke SOHC 2 valve single cylinder 15ps[11kW]/ 8500rpm 1.4kg-m[14Nm]/ 6500rpm CVT stepless speed change fuel tank capacity 8L ■ Brakes F = Single Disc R = Single Disc ■ Tire F = 110 / 80-14 R = 130 / 70-13 ● Color: Red, Black ● Price: RM11,999.00

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