MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd has released the latest edition, the WMOTO RT3S with improvements in terms of the use of a TFT screen after the launch of the WMOTO RT3 last March 2021, which uses a fully digital screen. This WMOTO RT3S comes in three optional colors; Union Red, Youth Grey & Justice Blue, with a starting price of RM17,888.00 excluding insurance and road tax.
This RT3S motorcycle innovative instrument has been equipped with three User Interface (UI) effects. Each UI effect has a light mode and a bright night mode. In fact, the light and night modes can be changed according to the light intensity of the current environment. This RT3S scooter is also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to allow riders to always be aware of the air pressure condition in the tires.
In addition, this TFT screen will display a spanner symbol as a maintenance reminder for you when it’s time for your scooter to be serviced.
This WMOTO RT3S scooter still maintains the exact technical specifications and technology as the previous version, RT3, such as an intelligent key system. This intelligent key system is easy to start, turn off the engine, and open the storage compartment and fuel tank without having to take the key out of your pocket. It’s easier and safer with this smart technology.
In addition, this WMoto RT3S continues to use the high-quality Bosch ABS on the front and rear brakes to improve rider safety. This scooter is also rated five stars through the Malaysian Motorcycle Assessment Program (MyMAP), which recognizes the WMOTO RT3S as the safest motorcycle equipped with an efficient braking system, the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

New TFT Meter

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