Scooters are becoming a mode of commune and also becoming a lifestyle for convenience to city dwellers. If you in the market for a twist and go scooter, we recommend to have a look at the WMoto XDV250i which was just launched XDV250i late last week. This compact 250cc is packed with features and performance.

  • What you get is:
  • Engine: Liquid Cooled Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) 244.3cc NEXUS/PIAGGIO engine which produces 24hp @8,750rpm (18.5kw) and 23Nm @6,750rpm which translate most powerful engine in its class.
  • Most of the 250cc scooters in the market is Maxi-size, meaning the size is quite huge so weight will be heavy, where by XDV250i is quite compact around the size of a 150cc scooter. XDV250i standard come with a curb weight of 168kg and there is another variant call Project-X that comes equipped with side panniers and top box, plus tubeless spoke rims.
  • Multi-function remote keyless switch that’s Activate & Deactivate the veihicle, including Vehicle Finder and Anti-theft Alarm that promises added security.
  • All LED Light; four-lens projector headlights, DRL, Fog-light, Taillight & Signal lights enhances a safer riding day and night.
  • Aluminium Adjustable Handlebar allows the rider to find the optimal seating position during riding, fit the size of the rider and the comfort of the rider
  • Multi-Function LCD meter display has an upgraded functionality. Easier to read.
  • Push Seat Button on the handlebar (I really love this function, as the seat can be unlock without turning off the engine with a simple push on the seat button at the right side handle switch unit) This button replaces the (off ABS button in other markets) giving more convenience in operating the XDV250i under seat 26 litre storage. The storage can accommodate a full face helmet. There is also a side storage compartment that can fit a 500ml mineral water and there is a USB charging port.
  • Both variant, standard and Project-X come standard with Aluminium Alloy Anti-Skid foot pad with “XDV” hollowed out on it gives you an extra grip during riding.
  • A side belly Brace Bar connected to the main frame/chassis which also double up as a chassis/cover/crash protector in case an accidental slide crash.
  • 5 litre tank, for long traveling distance
  • Adjustable Windshield, conveniently raise and lower the windshield with just a pull of the lever both sides without having to use any tools.
  • 12V10A power connector, which can be connected to equipment such as an air pump.
  • XDV250i gets an inverted fork at the front and dual oil reservoir shock absorbers at the rear. Both front and adjustable rear shock absorbers are by KYB, giving comfort and better handling. Not seen in other 250cc scooters in the market.
  • Dual Channel ABS braking by Spanish manufacturer J.JUAN for better braking and safety
  • Slowing down is handled by J.Juan disc brakes with dual-channel ABS to ensure your safety
  • Dual Pipe Exhaust The unique, angular styling flows, tuned to produce bassy sound.
  • Double Hazard light blinks automatically triggered when emergency brakes are applied. Hazard light button for parking safety. These safety lights provide other motorists with a visual cue to indicate something has gone wrong with your vehicle.
  • Built in Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)

What you don’t get for XDV250i

·         14” rims (spoke rim on the standard model)

·         Colour TFT Meter

·         More grippy tyres

During the launch last Friday, we got to take home the XDV250i right after the launch for a full week to review the XDV250i to the max. As always we will review the bikes to the max and give our honest opinion! We test it in the wet, dry, twisties and top-speed

Wet Review

Wet roads and heavy rain falls is very common in Malaysia especially year end. The ride out after the launch, the dark skies was hovering, it didn’t rain but the street was wet, since we got the XDV250i at zero mileage, we had to run-in the tyres and the engine (customary to run-in the tyres for the first 50km and engine 100-200km mileage)

With the brand new CST 13” dual-purpose tyres (110 size front and 130 size rear) we took out to heavy Friday evening traffic. The front felt heavy so we added more pressure to the front tyres, 240kpa, the front felt better and lighter. (Was 180kpa when we rode out from the launch)

240kpa was too hard as we felt the front starts to wobble above 140km/h (this is cause by the dual purpose fitted tyres) so later we drop to 230kpa. Please note that this stock CST tyre on the XDV wasn’t built to go for high-speed)

With the right tyre pressure, and lower speed, XDV perform really well in the city traffic.

Wet Sunday morning run to the twisties from Ulu Yam – Gotong Jaya, the XDV performed really well despite occasional slide when I touch the white lines on the road. Confidence level on the tyres only 50%. 

Dry Review.

Dry is the best to get full performance for any motorcycle, so XDV performed really well.

For those future owners who would spend more time on the streets than going off-road, my best advice is to change the tyres to full street version for added confidence and safety.

By Sunday we already hit the 200km mileage, so it was time to answer the big question! What’s the top speed of XDV250i, so when we hit Karak, we try out on full throttle and we got 159km/h. What we really like about the performance of the XDV is the mid range performance, you can really feel the 23Nm of torque whenever I want to overtake vehicles. On other lower displacement scooters this was really the major issue, over taking vehicles and going up hill there will be a drastic power drop, but XDV has none of this issue. Just twist and go, overtaking was a breeze. So far we rate this scooter as the best scooter we review, and with the launch price of RM18,888 for the standard model, this price point with all the above features, we are pretty sure there will be more XDV’s on the roads.  

With every WMoto XDV250i purchase, buyers can enjoy a manufacturer’s warranty of two years or 20,000 km mileage (whichever comes first) and online genuine parts purchase service by MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd.


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