Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team launched today for 30th season of the PETRONAS MALAYSIA CUB PRIX

Team YYPang is recognised as one of the longest standing teams in the Cub Prix championship announced their partnership with sponsor, Hi Jet Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. distributor of high performing lubricant, Jetron. The event this moming saw the presence of Mr Goh Bee Thong. Managing Director of Hi Jet Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd, Mr Ron Hogg. Promotions Director of Safe Aim Mutual Sdn. Bhd., founder and owner of team, Mr Pang Yok You and Mr Gary Pang. Team Coordinator, who together launched the team for the season.

The Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team has been a prominent figure in the motorsports scene in Malaysia. The team, which has been in the industry for many years, has a reputation for producing some of the best riders in the country. 

With the new season of the PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship about to begin, the team has launched its new riders for the season. Among the new riders is Muhammad Sharul Ezwan, an 18-year-old rider with extensive experience in the motorsports scene. Sharul has competed in various championships, including the PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, Malaysia Superbike Championship, European Talent Cup, Asia Talent Cup, and MSF Supermoto. He has won numerous races and has shown great potential as a rider.

During the launch event, Sharul expressed his gratitude to the team for the opportunity to represent them in the CP150 race category. He stated that he was confident that he could build a strong front in motorsports with the team, which has a wealth of experience in the Cub Prix arena. He further added that he had known the team since he was a kid, which gave him greater motivation to do his best and strive for a spot on the podium.

Sharul’s sentiments were echoed by Mr. Pang Yok You, “Sifu” the founder and owner of the team, who said that he was glad to have the collaboration with Jetron, a two-decade-old Malaysian lubricant brand. He also expressed his hope that the collaboration would go a long way in promoting the team’s local brand among Malaysians and fans within the Southeast Asian region.

The team’s partnership with Hi Jet Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd., the distributor of Jetron lubricant, is expected to further strengthen the team’s position in the racing industry. The partnership will provide the team with access to high-quality lubricants that will improve the performance of their bikes. This will enable the team’s riders to push themselves to the limit and achieve their full potential on the track.

The Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team’s other riders, Muhammad Idil Fitri and Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin, will also be participating in the upcoming season. The team hopes that they will work as a team in making the riding experience a better one for the season. With the experience and skills of these riders, the team is confident that they will be able to put up a good fight and emerge victorious.

In conclusion, the Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team’s collaboration with Hi Jet Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd., the distributor of Jetron lubricant, is a significant milestone for a 100% Malaysian lubricant brand. 

List of Riders and racing number!!!

#18 Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin

#28 Muhammad Sharul Ezwan

#38 Muhammad Idil Fitri

#48 Muhammad Shaffiq Ezzariq

#58 Muhammad Khairi Asyraf

#68 Muhammad Fareez Afeez

Sifu, CW Lee, Jai and Jetron representive

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