The urban sport adventure-level scooter segment has just started and the dominating name in this segment is for sure is the Honda ADV 150. But now comes a new challenger! The WMoto Xtreme 150i has emerged!. The homegrown Malaysian brand has taken a bold step into this segment. Interesting fact to know is Xtreme is modelled after Lifan’s KPV 150i which is Lifan’s flagship scooter. 

Considering their close proximity in terms of design, performance and price? and their undeniably almost the better specification. The question now! Is Xtreme worth your hard-earned money? It’s time to go beyond the ride when you look at both bikes at the same time. Things aren’t as similar as they seem, sure they’re in the same segment but both Honda and WMoto have taken two different approaches in designing these scooters, let’s start off with the ADV, which is still a nicely designed urban adventure styled scooter with LED headlights and taillights, 14-inch front and 13 inch rear, tubeless alloy wheels, and a design loved by many!

Some info on KPV’s history, is that, long before Honda released the ADV 150 (approx. 2 year before), the manufacturer from China, Lifan already had this model launched as an adventure scooter and made KPV 150i as one of its flagship models.

WMoto under assembly in Malaysia and Indonesia by MForce Bike Holding Sdn Bhd took the challenge and preview the Xtreme 150i and SYM’s Jet X 150i back in April 2021. While Jet X was launched mid May, the WMoto’s Xtreme 150i had to wait a longer than expected as MCO 3.0 was in effect, the lockdown saw most manufacturer had to temporary shut down operations and assembly.

But finally on 12th July 2021, the Xtreme 150i was officially launched. We are proud to be the first owner of a brand new Xtreme 150i (Airbrush Limited Edition, only one in Malaysia). The spray paint job was done entirely in one day, and we collect the Xtreme in Penang the day before the official launch date. 

We planned our ride back to Kuala Lumpur from Penang through the trunk roads during the break-in period. Over the first 300km was done on northern trunk roads from Nibong Tebal through Kuala Kangsar and exiting to the highway at Gopeng, Perak. After 300km, I decided to give the Xtreme a test of top speed, immediately we got 117km/h top speed before the “speed-cut” start kicking in. As for Malaysian market, MForce only assemble the ABS, “silent start” and start-stop idle variant.

So let’s talk about the products based from China that we usually underestimate about the product’s quality. But rest assured, Xtreme turns out to be the scooter that has an advantage over Honda’s ADV 150, in terms of features for example the Xtreme scooter has an upside down front suspension and monoshock suspension at rear, so physically this scooter is more like the ADV’s bigger sibling the XAdv 750.

Xtreme also has the advantage of higher ground clearance and a larger fuel tank, 11 liter capacity compare to ADV’s 8 litre. Making it the scooter with the largest tank in its class. 14 inch rear wheel compare to ADV’s 13inch rear.

There are also similar features like full digital panel instrument, LED headlamp, adjustable front wind screen, USB charging sockets,

What Xtreme doesn’t have is an engine kill switch

Storage space under the seat is quite spacious and also provides, two charger ports namely USB and  a 12V power socket. An adjustable wind visor is added to this scooter for the purpose of rider  convenience and comfort. It can be adjusted in a range of 5cm according to the height and suitability of the rider using only the fingers and does not require special equipment.

The Wmoto Xtreme 150i adventure scooter comes with two colour options; Grey and Red with starting price, RM 9,588.00 exclude registration, insurance and road tax. You can get it as soon as WMoto Dealers are allowed to operate during Malaysian MCO.

Xtreme is powered by a fuel injected 149.3cc single cylinder, liquid coolant engine which can provide a modest power 12.1 horsepower (8.8 kW) at 8500 rpm, maximum torque 11.8 Nm of peak torque @ 5,500 rpm vs the ADV 150 that outputs 14.6 hp @ 8,500 rpm and 13.9 Nm of peak torque @ 6,500 rpm

Moving on to the WMoto, has all the above and a little extra, which is the UpSideDown front suspension (ADV has conventional front suspensions) and rear monoshock (ADV has twin rear shocks) (by the way I’m a big fan of USD and Monoshock) Xtreme has a very distinct and unique spanner shaped LED headlight and the taillight has a double T LED rear, which looks very Italian design, very sleek looking with monoshock makes Xtreme looks very premium even down to the triangle foot pegs which has the feel of the XAdv here.

The straight handlebars, they’re very straight and low, no need to change! What we removed 1st thing was the side mirrors and replaced it with Rizoma 959 Circuit side mirrors. (Courtesy from Rizoma Italy) Wiring are neatly organised on the handlebars too.

The ABS front and rear brakes are real bitey but end squeeze does not lock up your wheels as you can feel the ABS kicking in. At the bar end we added on Lightech brake guard for protecting against accidental lever braking.

The brake lines are steel braided front and rear.

Both front and rear are 14 inch rims and Timsun tyre 100/80-14R and 120/70-14R as standard tyre, they provide ample grip on wet and light offroad. On dry you can get pretty excellent grip. Rear size of the Honda ADV is 13 inch. (That I never knew until Youtuber One Leg KH pointed out)

The front LED headlamp looked ugly during the first preview but it slowly grow on you, for me the front of the Xtreme look kinda handsome to me now.

MForce Bike Holding (the official assembler of WMoto in Malaysia) was very kindly present to us, an Airbrush Edition to commemorate us as the first being the first registered owner.

The dash of Xtreme is fully digital with RPM indicator and info. While the Honda ADV doesn’t have RPM indicator.

During this bloody Covid19 period this Xtreme will be my daily commuter to go get food and quick dash to the convenient store, I personally like the under seat storage and the two front compartment, left compartment can store a 500ml mineral water bottle, right compartment houses the USB and 12v socket (can put a car ciggi litre) you can get approx. 40 kilometres per litre (average speed 80km/h). With 11 litre fuel tank, the fuel warning come out around 8 litre of usage, once blinking you have 3 litres of fuel. So don’t worry 1 full tank Ron 95 can get you from KL to Penang with one full tank. Whereas the ADV has 8 liter capacity and you can get 45.3 kilometres per litre.

This new kid on the block scoot turns out a healthy 12.3 horsepower and 13.9 newton meters of torque. In the red corner we have the ADV 150 adds a stylish flare into the match with a maximum power figure of 14.5 horsepower and 13.6 newton meters of torque this scooter’s 150cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine is expected to put up a good fight against the ADV but we did a pick up shoot-out and the Xtreme edged the ADV slightly in pick-up and no lag when roll on the throttle to over take! The Xtreme wins in overtaking performance. With both scooters pretty impressive power and torque figures it goes without saying you need really good brakes for starters, Xtreme put to a stop by a pair of discs, one at the front and one at the back both ABS while the ADV also comes equipped with a pair front disc brake however the rear has no ABS. It has its good and bad thing, for street rear ABS is great as you wont lock your rear but when off road, cant slide cos I cant lock the rear! Cant switch off the ABS only way is to disable it at the sensor (only do this when going off-road) and recommended to enable back the ABS when back to street riding.

As far as suspension and handling duties, the Xtreme wins hands down in this department as Xtreme is equipped with a pair of UpSideDown front forks and rear an adjustable monoshock! While ADV is still with conventional non-adjustable telescopic front forks and twin Showa shocks at the rear.  

The Xtreme takes speed bump with ease and surprisingly when I jump the higher speed bumps the landing is really soft! ADV does feel more bouncy when negotiation the same speed bump!   

The choice is now because you’re probably going to be using these scooters a lot in city traffic the weight is something to consider the Xtreme tips the scales 143kg(curb) while ADV is 10kg lighter at 133kg(curb) while the Xtreme is just a tad bit heavier, the Xtreme feels planted and not too light, not too heavy feel.

Both scoots are adorned with similar tech for starters the Xtreme sports an all in one digital display

that shows speed real-time field economy, coolant temps and a handy little clock, it’s all in an LCD display that is really clear at night, nonetheless the ADV has a large and clear LCD display with an abundance of information such as speed,  fuel economy date and time engine temps,  as well as trip meters, both are even here as both does have the clarity and ease of use. This time both bikes feature a handy start stop system, which helps you save some fuel every time you come to a stop as far as controls are concerned the Xtreme feels quite premium for a brand like WMoto, however just like other Hondas the horn button is reversed from the signals so you’re likely to end up honking your horn instead of toggling your turn signals and vice versa. The ignition for both work very silent but Xtreme lose out here because its still using conventional key lock, and ADV is keyless fashion just press the knob turn! Xtreme holds down any brakes to start the engine, while ADV starts only with front brakes. Now let’s talk about the storage, where scooters were design for its under seat storage. The capacity underneath Xtreme is 25 litre under the seat, the ADV has 28 litres while Xtreme can only fit a quarter helmet or an open face helmet, I’m not really disappointed, you always add a GiVi bracket and box.

All right, let’s start with the Xtreme, linear power delivery of the engine and is extremely apparent that Xtreme don’t have any “lag” feeling while overtaking lorries or faster moving vehicle. All Honda bikes are really smooth, less vibration. The Xtreme speed cut kicks-in around 114-117km/h but then again the throttle is also very responsive especially in heavy traffic situations, what we want is the overtaking response like overtaking a lorry at 100km/h you want that extra 10-15km/h to response!. On ADV there is a noticeable “lag” especially when full throttle out of a tight corner, you will feel there is a delay response even when you throttle hard!

Both bikes handling wise can consider pretty light off the stand and it’s very flickable and the turning radius is absolutely stellar, comfort wise the Xtreme is rather comfortable, and ADV is rather bouncy.

In my opinion due to the stiffly sprung suspension you might find yourself bouncing on your seat while traversing over imperfect pavement which Klang Valley has many everywhere. I guess the only constellation would be it’s very wide and accommodating seat I will say this though I am loving the generous amount of legroom you get and honestly I don’t really need it but I enjoy it really does feel like a couch on wheels until you hit a speed bump then it feels like you’re jumping over a speed bump and you go airborne for mili-seconds. Its really fun ride but just a little too harsh on the suspension, you may bashup you front suspension and may occur leaking, you been warned ya!

WMoto paid more attention to the comfort and small details centralised lock system seat and tank flap control.  

And supportiveness of the seat it has more foam to support your back while riding making it a perfect bike for rides covering more distances, to add to this riding the Xtreme feels so much more planted than the ADV even in harsh road conditions this is due to the fact that it rolls on bigger 14 inch wheels as opposed to the ADV’s 14/13-inch set-up. As far as power is concerned on paper the ADV should be faster however the WMoto feels just as fast but at lower speeds you will feel the engine vibration coming through a little bit sometimes it feels like the bike is about to stall however coming to a stop is surprisingly stable.  The Xtreme feels a lot more refined since it’s heavier but in a good way and you’ll definitely be a sight on the road.


Let’s talk about the price tag, you can get the Honda ADV for RM13,999 and a 6 months wait or RM9,588 for the WMoto Xtreme which just launched last week! So with the price pretty much makes a difference in Malaysian market and getting premium performance from the WMoto.


Even which one wins when you say WMoto versus Honda it’s kind of like you’re saying

Lakers versus Celtics, Real Madrid versus Barcelona,   Tupac versus Biggie, King Kong versus Godzilla but anyway you get the picture! Pitting against Honda, I confidently say this Xtreme model (underdog) from WMoto has what it takes to edge ADV out in most department! But this battling each other for Urban Adventure Scooter’s supremacy now in the Malaysia we all know that the Xtreme will win the heart of the Malaysian however if you watch this compero of this kind of like we’re leaning towards the ADV here’s why now performance wise they pretty much feel the same except for the lag part and the suspensions


The ADV wins well, it wins in the storage space!. Xtreme does have less storage, underneath the seat than the ADV but because it fits a full face helmet and an open face helmet, it gets the check mark there where else the Xtreme  wins all the different other categories, style and comfort is also very important categories plus an x factor it’s a little bit more unique you just don’t see too many of these on the road compared to that so who wins well.  The Xtreme does win in this comparal by a very huge margin. Do you agree or not? let us know? Must try to get a test ride and you will understand what I mean. In the comment section below for more information about these bikes! And other reviews please log onto, this has been ginger feed. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and let’s going beyond the ride and stay safe!

Light off road no problem!

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